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Facilities or Venues

Safety is important to the City and all our facilities including the ones for hire are inspected regularly. All electric, gas and water points are inspected and meet Australian compliance. Regular scheduled inspections are conducted to ensure we are able to provide working, safe and compliant facilities.

If vandalism or if you note any broken or missing fixtures or appliances, these should be reported to ensure the team can be aware and address the issue accordingly.

Parks and Reserves

The City of Kalamunda maintains approximately 790.66 hectares of public open space for the enjoyment of residents, sporting clubs and community organisations. Many of our Parks are natural areas that have been set aside for conservation of our local flora and fauna.

The natural parks within the City is one of the reasons the City of Kalamunda's parks are so popular. The City of Kalamunda residents and visitors are able to enjoy bushland, playgrounds or sporting events all year round.

 Many of the City’s parks are developed. This means that they have: 

  • Play equipment
  • Fencing or bollards
  • Reticulation
  • Buildings
  • Car parks and a variety of other fixtures.

Many of our reserves are managed by Environmental Services and the dedicated Friends Groups. Friends Groups are volunteers and provide their time to help maintain and re-vegetate their reserves with native flora and fauna.

Find out more about Friends Groups here.

Sporting Reserves

The City has many sporting reserves offering all year round use, with various clubs using the City’s Ovals and their facilities.

Sports turf surfaces are required to be maintained to appropriate standards such as SAA HB49.2 as recommended by the Sporting Facilities Manual. To achieve this, the City takes a technical data approach using soil and leaf tissue testing to ensure the correct fertiliser and water is applied.

The City also measures the amount of soil moisture, evaporation and transpiration of turf grass to monitor our watering, as well as measuring thatch and organic fines to guide our renovation programs. By reducing the thatch, water and fertiliser is then able to efficiently filter through to the soil profile to be taken up by the turf grass roots.

Sporting Reserves:

  • Fleming Reserve
    Location: Newburn Road, High Wycombe
  • Hartfield Park
    Location: Hale Road, Forrestfield
    Incorporates Morrison Oval and John Reid Oval
  • Kalamunda Sporting Precinct (Kostera Oval)
    Location: Recreation Road, Kalamunda                                                                                                                               This Sporting Precinct is a joint facility shared by the City of Kalamunda and Kalamunda Senior High School. The school has priority use of the precinct between 8.00am and 4.00pm during school terms.
  • Maida Vale Reserve
    Location: Ridgehill Road, Maida Vale                                                                                                                                   This Sporting Reserve is a joint facility shared by the City of Kalamunda and Maida Vale Primary School. The school has priority use of the oval adjacent to the school between 8.30am and 3.00pm during school terms, excluding the baseball diamond.
  • Ray Owen Reserve
    Location: Grove Road, Lesmurdie
  • Scott Reserve
    Location: Newburn Road, High Wycombe                                                                                                                            This Sporting Reserve is a joint facility shared by the City of Kalamunda and Edney Primary School. The school has priority use of the oval adjacent to the school between 8.30am and 3.30pm during school terms.

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City Bushfire Management

The City is required to comply with the Bushfire Act as it is either a landowner - or has care and control of State-owned land. Land ownings that are not Parks or Reserves (ie blocks of land with either buildings on them or vacant) need to comply with the Fire Notices issued to other property owners.

Regarding Parks, Reserves and Verges which are lands under City care and control, the City is not issued a Fire Notice but is required to comply with the Bushfire Act. Where feasible, the intent and specifications set out in the Fire Notices for others is followed.

The City maintains some 300ha of Cat 4 Reserves of which 50ha is under active fire management by the City. Fire management works include slashing weeds, establishment of 75km of fire breaks and the application of herbicide to manage fuel loads. In addition, the City conducts hazard burns to approximately 30 hectares of land each year, including the mechanical removal of DFM.

Some Reserves have topography and issues such as Declared Rare Flora or Threatened Ecological Communities which prevent wholesale removal of vegetation or cutting fire breaks. In these instances, variations to the requirements of Fire Notices are permitted and appropriate.

The City also assesses each roadside verge in terms of net area and fuel load to determine if a bushfire hazard exists. Reduction in fuel loads is taken where necessary either by slashing, herbicide, or both.

These works are undertaken on a programmed basis and occur in October and November. This timeframe considers weather conditions and seasonal growth to avoid the need for return site visits and regrowth before the peak of the fire season. 

Road Maintenance

Each year the City spends approximately $950,000 on providing minor maintenance to the City’s road network. Most minor maintenance works are provided on a programmed basis, including:

  • Road sweeping
  • Patching of potholes
  • Grading of gravelled roads and road shoulders
  • Installing guide posts
  • Weed control

In addition to these services, the City also undertakes works on an emergency basis, including removal of spilt oil and removal of fallen trees.

Road Kerb

Kerbing is installed as a part of the City’s drainage network. Road kerbs both direct water into the drainage system and provide a channel for controlling larger storm events. Due to the importance of road kerbing, in preventing property flooding, a standard kerb is used throughout the City.

It is important in maintaining the drainage network that residents do not remove or tamper with the kerb. This includes placing bitumen or concrete between the kerb and the road.

Driveways (Crossovers)

The section of your driveway between the edge of the road and the boundary of a property is called a crossover. A person constructing a crossover may seek a contribution from the City towards the cost.

For further details and specifications download the crossover specifications and a contribution application form.

Street Lighting

The City owns a small number of decorative street lights. The City is responsible for the payment of electricity and the installation of street lights. If a street light is faulty contact either the City or Western Power to help to identify it and arrange maintenance.

Western Power is responsible for the maintenance of street lights. To report faulty street lights please call Western Power’s free call number, 1800 688 008. Alternately you can email Western Power at

Please note street lights are not installed for the purpose of private property security.

Street Signs

The City of Kalamunda is responsible for the maintenance of the following sign types. If you see missing or damaged signs as listed below, please report the sign type and location to the City.

  • Street name signs including 'No Through Road' signs
  • Parking control signs
  • Blue or brown directional signs
  • Legacy sign structures on road verges (such as Walliston Industrial Area)
  • Care For Our Wildlife signs
  • Parks and city buildings name signs
  • Private and/or Business signage - The City controls private signs and business signs through the Planning and Development Act 2005, and through its Local Law Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting.

Report to the City via:
Online: Report an Issue / Fix It
Phone: (08) 9257 9999

All other signage is the responsibility of Main Roads WA. If you see missing or damaged signs listed below, please report the sign types and location to Main Roads WA.

  • Stop, give way, keep left signs
  • Yellow warning signs
  • End of road or cornering black and white striped signs
  • Green place name signs

Report to Main Roads WA.
Phone: 138 138

Current or Scheduled City works include:

View all City projects here

Below are some currently scheduled works happening in the City of Kalamunda. Works and time-frames may vary slightly due to weather conditions and contractor availability.

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