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External Funding Opportunities

External funding opportunities are to be discussed with the City in the first instance as certain standard processes and procedures may apply such as receiving consent from the City.

The City understands and encourages sporting clubs and community groups to seek external funding sources other than local government funding to deliver their projects. The first stage in seeking external funding support for your project is to apply through the City’s Capital Grants Program. Once applications are endorsed by Council any external funding opportunities will be coordinated between City Officers and the club or community group, to maximise opportunities to obtain external funding sources.

Clubs and community groups seeking external funding should ensure that their project is fully scoped, costed and where appropriate, any necessary approvals are sought prior to submitting their application. As land owner, it is essential that the City has been provided sufficient advance notification of the proposed project and has cited and supported the funding application. An application will not be supported should the details conflict with any Council adopted reserve Master Plan.

In addition to the above, if Clubs and Community Groups are seeking to self-fund projects with external funding source assistance, such as the State Governments CSRFF and CNLP's, then Clubs must submit all applications details to the City three (3) months prior to the closing date of the relevant external funding grant round. This is to ensure the City has sufficient time to review and consider applications through Council processes.

If the City is requested to contribute funding toward the project, then an application is to be submitted through the Capital Grants process

Should the external funding application be successful prior to applying through the City’s Capital Grants process, this will not necessarily commit Council to funding their project.

City of Kalamunda's Grants and Funding Hub
Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)
Club Night Lights Program (CNLP)
Rotary Community Grants

Information assisting sporting clubs and community groups in undertaking facility planning should refer to our sports and recreation planning section .

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