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Woodlupine Living Stream (Wattle Grove)

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : 2020/2021
Location : Woodlupine Brook, Wattle Grove

This exciting development is part of the Cell Nine Project, funded as part of the developer contributions to the estate.


This project aims to upgrade the Woodlupine Drain into a Living Stream through the creation of a meander rather than the linear alignment of the drain, inclusive of batter slopes. The resulting change in alignment and profile is to be landscaped with wetland and dryland planting and complimented with tree planting, pathways and a cycleway.

A tender was awarded by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting held in February 2018 for Stage 2.


The City of Kalamunda developed a concept plan to turn the drain along the Woodlupine Brook into a living stream. The City sought community’s thoughts on the proposed plan, which included:

  • development of a new recreational pathway network to provide improved continuous access along the public open space
  • open areas of grass for passive recreation
  • enhancement of existing garden beds
  • realignment of the brook.
Public comments on the concept plan closed on 29 May 2017.

Development Stages

Stage 1:

Constructed some 10 to 15 years or more ago as part of subdivisional land development works undertaken at that time.

Stage 2:

Commenced: April 2018. 
Estimated completion:  31 July 2018

Stage 2 works encompass the length of the stream from the complete Stage 1 through to the Woodlupine Brook. Pedestrian Bridge and is nearly complete (wet weather is slowing progress). As part of this stage 2 development, a half-basketball court and an exercise facility will also be constructed in the near vicinity of the nature play area. This will be accessed from Lenihan Corner. In addition, an information kiosk is to be constructed where the pathway from Lenihan Corner crosses the park and connects to the Wattle Grove Shopping Centre.

Once the above works are completed, the City will undertake installation of irrigation to all grassland areas. In early spring they are scheduled to lay grass stolons (runners) to establish grass on these areas.

Stage 3:

Commencing: mid-end November 2020
Under-pruning and the clearance of vegetation that is either dead or to needs to be cleared.
Some dates are tentative to allow the City to link into the “dry” season, during which time the groundwater table and flow within the Woodlupine Drain.


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Woodlupine Living Stream

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