Health Fees and Charges

Find the applicable fees and charges for various applications and permits for the year 2023/24 below.







Licence CatteryAnnual$100.00
Application fee - Cattery One off $110.00
Multi cat application fee to keep between 2 - 6 catsOne off $175.00
Transfer of Cattery LicencePer transfer$135.00


Licence PiggeryAnnual$298.00

Poultry Farms (Caged System Only)

LicenceAnnual $298.00

Manure Works


Keeping of Bees

PermitOne Off$120.00

Trading in Thoroughfares & Public Places

(Does not apply to charitable organisations licensed in Western Australia)

Application FeeOne off $153.00
Charge - annualAnnual$1,050.00
Charge - single eventPer event$88.00
Markets - monthlyAnnual$1,820.00
Markets - weekly Annual $7,550.00
Markets - per day Annual $176.00
Administration fee for new stall holder - MarketsAnnual$86.00
Events - Expedited Service Fee (urgent response required, additional to administration fee)Per event $52.50
Event Food Stall(s) application feePer event$53 + $8.50 per stall 

Food Act 2008

Food Business Registration Fee $171.00
Minor Change of Details $63.00

Food Business Surveillance Fee

Low Risk Food BusinessAnnual$83.00
Low Risk Food Business - Large PremisesAnnual$158.00
Medium Risk Food BusinessAnnual$242.00
Medium Risk Food Business - Large PremisesAnnual$466.00
High Risk Food BusinessAnnual$365.00
High Risk Food Business - Large PremisesAnnual$715.00
Temporary Food Business -one event - not related to  City of Kalamunda Trading License - inspection Per event $83.00
Surveillance & Registration Fees - Community GroupAnnual                                        -  
Re-inspection feePer Inspection$94.50
Food Business Re-AssessmentPer Application$85.50
Food Safety Plan VerificationPer Application$337.00

Noise Management 

Noise Management Plan ApprovalPer Application$160.00
Noise Management Plan Approval - Motor Sport venuesPer Application$500.00
Noise Management Plan Approval - Shooting venuesPer Application$500.00
Noise Management Plan Approval - Waste Collection and other worksPer Application$500.00
Application for a Regulation 18 Noise ApprovalPer Application$1000.00

Caravan Parks

Application fees for the grant or renewal of licence
The amount calculated by multiplying the relevant amount by the maximum number of sites (including any sites that may be used in an overflow area) of the particular type specified in the application, whichever is the greater amount.  
Temporary Caravan Park Licence $100.00
Transfer Caravan Park Licence $100.00

Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992

Fee equal to cost of considering the application up to a maximum of $871Per application Varied 
Environment Health Officer Hourly$94.50


Copy of septic tank plans Per page$23.50
Reply to a request for a property file searchPer search$83.00
Reply to a sale of business settlement questionnairePer reply$84.50
Section 39 (Liquor Licencing) request Per request $150.00
Administration fee for cleaning work related to hoarding/unfit house issuesPer visit12.5% of cost 
Reprint ApprovalPer request $23.00
Minor Amendment to approvalPer request $63.00
Late fee after the deadline (annual invoicing food, lodging house, trading I public places, water sampling, swimming pools)Per month$23.00
Section 55 (Gaming) requestPer request $150.00

Water sampling

 Private request for drinking water samplingPer visit $81.00
 Regulatory requirement for drinking water samplingPer visit$81.00

Commercial Swimming Pools

Pool Open All YearAnnually$392.00
Pool Open SeasonallyAnnually$174.00
Each Additional PoolAnnually$196.00
Each Additional Pool (Seasonal)Annually$87.00

Asbestos sampling 

Asbestos SamplingPer visit$80.00
Asbestos Analysis Fee ( Fee for submission and analysis of sample to ARL Labs)Per analysis$80.50

Septic Tanks

Application FeePer Application$118.00
Inspection FeePer Inspection$118.00
Re-inspection FeePer Inspection$118.00

Lodging House

Application FeeInitial$75.00


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