Vision & Values

Our Vision

“Connected Communities, Valuing Nature and Creating our Future Together"
Our Vision Story

Our Values

Our simple guiding principle will be to ensure everything we do will make Kalamunda socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
Core & Aspirational Values

Customer Service Charter

We strive to ensure the City of Kalamunda is a safe and courteous place for all staff and customers.
Customer Service Charter

Service Standards and Time-frames

If your customer service request needs further investigation, we will enter it into our records system as a Customer Service Request which is tracked for a response within 5 business days. If we don’t have a resolution, in this time-frame, we will still get in touch to let you know the next steps to progress your enquiry and an expected new time-frame for a progress update, until the matter is finalised.
Service Standards & Time-frames
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