Vision & Values

Our Vision

“Connected Communities, Valuing Nature and Creating our Future Together"

Our Vision Story

Connected Communities

Community life in the City of Kalamunda by 2027 is vibrant and inclusive. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed, valued and encouraged to be active in the community. Intergenerational programs and multi-use community hubs are accessible and inviting. Coordinated aged care, youth and early year services and programs meet the needs of residents through all stages of life. The needs and differences of our distinct local areas are understood and planned. Volunteerism is supported and promoted. Community groups work together to communicate and operate in a cohesive manner.

Valuing Nature

In 2027 our cherished forests, bush lands, waterways, habitats and open space are protected and flourish. Our stewardship of the natural environment includes protecting and enhancing our natural bush areas and biodiversity, renewable energy use, sensitive waste management, using our water sustainability and preparedness through effective bushfire mitigation. We recreate in harmony with nature, enjoying bushwalks, trails, picnics and a range eco-tourism offerings. We educate and encourage more citizens to be actively involved in sustainable living and volunteering to help care for our natural areas. Our agricultural industry is celebrated and supported to thrive. We will maintain our position of having the highest tree canopy levels in the Perth metropolitan area.

Creating our Future Together

By 2027 Kalamunda is easily accessible, to and from Perth City and, around the City. We have worked together to advocate strongly for well connected by public transport, bike paths and footpaths, as well as telecommunications technologies. We have together built a strong local economy and support our small businesses, with a range of employment opportunities close to home. We have paid close attention to the evolving global society and together our people are prepared and enabled to live and prosper in the technological age. Together we have designed and planned for housing choices that are diverse, we have affordable housing options and we are supported to live in Kalamunda as we age. Our built assets meet our needs and are sensitively designed harmonising with the local built character, our heritage and the natural environment.

In summary our vision is bold and courageous, we must strive to achieve it together if we want a future that provides us with purposeful and satisfying lives.

Our Values

Core Values

  • Service: We deliver excellent service by actively engaging and listening to each other.
  • Respect: We trust and respect each other by valuing our differences, communicating openly and showing integrity in all we do.
  • Diversity: We challenge ourselves by keeping our minds open and looking for all possibilities and opportunities.
  • Ethics: We provide honest, open, equitable and responsive leadership by demonstrating high standards of ethical behaviour.

Aspirational Values

  • Creativity: We create and innovate to improve all we do.
  • Courage: We make brave decisions and take calculated risks to lead us to a bold and bright future.
  • Prosperity: We will ensure our District has a robust economy through a mixture of industrial, commercial, service and home-based enterprises
  • Harmony: We will retain our natural assets in balance with our built environment
Our simple guiding principle will be to ensure everything we do will make Kalamunda socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
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