Local Biodiversity Strategy

The City has developed a Local Biodiversity Strategy (LBS) to guide the retention, conservation and management of Local Natural Areas (LNAs) for the perpetual wellbeing of our residents, enterprise, and ecosystems.

The overarching vision of the LBS is:

The City of Kalamunda and its community will protect, manage, and value the local biodiversity to ensure a lasting legacy for future generations.

The LBS defines LNAs as all native vegetation on land managed by the City or on private land.

The LBS provides a process for assessing LNAs. This framework helps the City identify conservation priorities and methods to improve biodiversity, retain natural ecological processes, and protect and enhance LNAs to provide a resilient place for people, enterprise, and ecosystems to flourish into the future.

The scope focuses on retaining, conserving and managing LNAs on land managed by the City. We also want to encourage and support people to do the same on their private land.

The LBS outlines the specific and measurable actions needed to protect and grow local biodiversity. Actions are prioritised through an annual action plan, as well as monitoring and reporting on the success of the actions, enabling review and continual improvement of the LBS to achieve the City’s local biodiversity goals.

The benefits of investing in protecting biodiversity and LNAs are vast and varied - from improving community health and wellbeing, to supporting cultural identity, economic activity, moderating climate or diseases, greater resilience and future research opportunities.

To maintain and enhance these benefits to the community, economy and environment, the City aspires to increase the conservation protection status of 500ha land. Broadly, the goals of the LBS are based on the pillars of Retain and Protect, Investigate, Manage and Enhance, Link and Engage. This provides a holistic and strategic approach to achieving our target.

The City released its Draft LBS to the public in February 2021 and received valuable comment and input from the community and the Kalamunda Environmental and Sustainability Advisory Committee, which has been taken onboard with the final design and strategy.

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