If you are an owner and occupier of your property in the City of Kalamunda, as at 1 July each financial rating year, you may be entitled to claim a concession on your Rates and Emergency Services Levy. To be eligible to apply, you must also be a holder of one of the following cards:

  • a Seniors Card (issued by Office of Seniors’ Interests), OR
  • a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) and a Seniors Card (issued by Office of Seniors’ Interests), OR
  • a Pensioner Concession Card or a State Concession Card (and currently be receiving a payment of a ‘pension type’ stipulated in the Act)

The maximum level of rebate is 50% for pensioners (which includes seniors with a CSHC) capped at $750 and 25% for seniors without a CSHC capped at $100. Deferment of rate payments may also be available for pensioners only with 100% entitlement. Pensioners who defer their rates MUST pay their annual Refuse & Recycle charges each financial year. Seniors cannot defer any Rates, Emergency Service Levy or Service charges.

If you become a pensioner or senior during the rating year (i.e. after 1 July) you can obtain a pro-rata rebate from the date that you register with the Water Corporation or City of Kalamunda.

You can apply for a concession online or over the phone to the Water Corporation by telephoning 1300 659 951.

For further information please contact the Rates Department on (08) 9257 9999 or email us.

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