Project Details

Upgrade: LED Street Lighting

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : Stage 1: March 2022 | Stage 2: TBC
Location : Various areas of City depending on stage of LED Lighting Upgrade

The City commenced upgrading existing street lights to LED street lighting on the 5th October 2021. Majority of works will be  scheduled and conducted during daylight hours however, some roads may have require night works to accommodate for traffic.  Please follow any traffic control in place during these works. Please drive with caution and follow any traffic control instruction and signage in place accordingly.

These lighting upgrades will be done over four (4) stages. 

Western Power own and operates the vast majority of streetlights within the City. They pass on their costs to Synergy who in turn bill the City for the full operating costs incurred by Synergy and Western Power in provision of street lighting.

Below is the outline of works and areas to be upgraded. Please note, other stage information will become available once confirmed and finalised.

  • Stage 1: Commencing September 2021
    Budget: Municipal $692,000 , total $692,000 
    Time: October 2021 - March 2022
    Includes over 650 lights on the following road:
    • Abernethy Road (Dundas to Tonkin) - excluding Brinsmead to Dundas due to MRWA duplication project
    • Kalamunda Road
    • Persimmon Place 
      Scheduled to commence early-December 2021 for approx. 2 weeks. 
    • Hale Road (Tonkin to Berkshire)
    • Hawtin Road
    • Canning Road (Kalamunda-Lesmurdie)
    • Lesmurdie Road
    • Welshpool Road East (Lesmurdie – Tonkin)
    • Berkshire Road (Hale-Roe)
    • Stage 2: 2022/23
      Estimated budget: 
      $155,000 CEFF, $465,000 Municipal, total $620,000
    • Stage 3: 2023/24
      Estimated budget: $152,500 CEFF, $457,500 Municipal, total $610,000
    • Stage 4: 2024/25
      Estimated budget: $100,000 CEFF, $300,000 Municipal, total $400,000.

    Scheduled Works

    Timeframes are subject to change, due to Western Power contractor availability and weather conditions. 

    Properties should receive advanced notifications via Australia Post prior to works commencing. Properties located adjacent to the proposed works may experience temporary disturbance to the verge areas and may include some crossovers.

    Any such disturbances will be fully reinstated after the completion of the works.

    Please be assured that every effort will be made during these works to minimise impact on those who live nearby and also to the environment.

    If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the City via the details provided below.

    About the Lights

    The new lights will appear to be brighter than old in many cases due to different light colour and the age of older light fittings.  The LED lighting output will be 3,000K “warm white” lighting as per WP standard. If the new lights are affecting you, please contact the City to discuss and provide further assistance.

    Some of the benefits of LED Street lighting include:

    • requires less maintenance and last a lot longer than standard lighting with an estimated life of 15,000 to 50,000 hours;
    • use about 30% less energy than standard streetlighting technology currently, with consequential savings on tariff charges and overall electrical usage charges;
    • reach full brightness instantly;
    • contain no mercury or lead which is better for the environment;
    • emit no UV rays or infrared radiation;
    • operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option;
    • cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill;
    • are able to be smart connected allowing dimming capabilities and more.

    Find out more about the benefits of LED Street lighting via

    Each light that is upgraded to LED will see a reduction in tariff. Some savings at various stages is listed below.

    • Stage 1 is expected to result in annual savings of $77,000 due to reduced electricity tariffs, and emissions reductions of 120.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents.
    • Stage 2, the City will experience an estimated cost saving of $144,000 per year and an estimated greenhouse emissions reduction of 192 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

    The City of Kalamunda are applying for grant funding under the Western Australian 2021 Clean Energy Future Fund (CEFF) scheme to assist with works to be undertaken in 2022/23 and beyond to assist. The CEFF scheme is a competitive scheme with State Government grant funding of up to 25% of eligible project costs.


    Project Images

    Image of LED lights to be used in LED Street Lighting upgrade - RoadGrace Series

    Overview map for LED Street Lighting Upgrade project

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