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Fox trapping at Dawson Ave Reserve

Project Status : Not Started
Estimated Completion Date : approx. 3 October 2023
Location : Dawson Ave Reserve, Forrestfield

The City of Kalamunda is undertaking trapping of foxes in Dawson Ave Reserve, commencing 27 September 2023, following reports of an active fox having significant impact on local wildlife.

Residents are asked to please ensure all dogs are on lead and cats are kept inside over the coming weeks. Soft foot traps will be utilised. There is little risk that the traps are a danger to humans.

The trap will be set after dark and removed in the early hours of the morning.

Community members who use the reserve during these hours are required to obey the signs. Pet owners are urged to walk their dogs on a leash and keep cats confined to their property. 

A licenced operator has been hired to set traps and signage, and to humanly euthanise any foxes caught. Under the Health (pesticides) Regulations 2011, all companies and personnel employed by companies involved in management of pests must be licensed and registered with the Department.

In keeping with requirements of the Animal Welfare Act (2002) and Regulations (2003) and the BAM Act (2007) and Regulations (2013), signage will be placed at the entrances of the reserve when trapping is being conducted and within proximity of where the trap is placed. 

View more information about foxes in the City here.

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