Building Fees & Charges

Find relevant fees and charges for various applications and permits below.

General Notes:

  1. Certified Application has a Certificate of Design Compliance prepared by a Registered Building Surveyor before the application is lodged.
  2. Uncertified applications can be lodged with the Local Government Authority as usual. They will be assessed and if approved will be issued with a Certificate of Design Compliance and a Building Permit.

Fees and charges are current as of 1 July 2022.

Building Act 2011 – Fees & Levies
ITEM Building Classification Multiplier Minimum or Set Fee Trigger
Certified Application for a Building Permit1a or 1b & 100.19%$110.00$57,894.74
Certified Application for a Building Permit2 – 90.09%$110.00$122,222.22
Uncertified Building Application1a (only) & 100.32%$110.00$34,375
Demolition Permit1 & 10-$110.00Fixed
Demolition Permit2 – 9Per storey$110.00Per storey
Extend permit time for Building or Demolition$110.00Fixed
Occupancy Permit – Completed Building$110.00Fixed
Temporary Occupancy Permit – Incomplete Building$110.00Fixed
Modification of an Occupancy Permit$110.00Fixed
Occupancy Permit for a Permanent Change of Use or Classification$110.00Fixed
Occupancy Permit – Unauthorised Works0.18%$110.00$61,111.11
Building Approval Certificate – Unauthorised Building Work0.38%$110.00$28,947.37
Replace an Occupancy Permit for an Existing Building$110.00Fixed
Building Approval Certificate for Existing Building – Authorised Building Work$110.00Fixed
Extend Time Which an occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate has Effect$110.00Fixed
Building Services Levy (BSL) - (Old Builders Registration Board Levy – BRB)
Building Permit Certified or Uncertified (over $45,000)All0.137%> $45,000
Building Permit Certified or Uncertified ($45,000 or under)All$61.65=< $45,000
Demolition LicenceAll0.137%> $45,000
Demolition LicenceAll$61.65=< $45,000
Occupancy Permit [s46]All-
Occupancy or Building Approval Certificate (Authorised building works) [s47,49,50,52]All$61.65Fixed
Occupancy permit (over $45,000)All0.274%->$45,000
Occupancy permit (under $45,000)All-$123.30=< $45,000
Modification of occupancy permit for additional use of building on temporary basis under s48 of the Building ActAll---
BAC - Unauthorised Building Work [s51] (over $45,000)All0.274%> $45,000
BAC - Unauthorised Building Work [s51] ($45,000 or under)All$123.30=< $45,000
Construction Training Fund (CTF) - (Old B.C.I.T.F. Levy)
All Building Permits in excess of $20000 in valueAll0.20%>$20,000
Other Fees & Charges
Building Plan RetrievalPer Plan$58.80
Real Estate Enquiry - List of Building Approvals Per Request Per Property$21.00
Application for Temporary Signs Per Sign$11.00
BA19 Application to amend building permit or builder's details Per Application$110.00

Estimated Building Fee Calculator

The following calculator is only a guide. For ways to pay or if you have any queries, please contact Building Services during office hours for further information.
NOTE: Fees provided below are to be used as a guide only. Some fees may vary depending on application details. Fees calculated are based on fees set from July 2022.

$ 0.00

Additional Considerations

  • Inspection Administration Fee: $132.00
    This fee is applied to all proposed works over $20,000 and to ALL swimming pools & demolition applications regardless of value.
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