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Supporting our local schools and education centres with resources and information for our local region including fauna, flora and external organisations.

Cultural & Heritage 

Of the fourteen *Noongar language groups, the people who live in the Perth region are known as the Whadjuk people.  During the early days of settlement, Mundy (Munday) (pronounced mun-dee) was one of the most important and successful negotiators for the Whadjuk community. The name can be recognised in Mundy Regional Park and Mundy Swamp.

Noongar Boodja Six Season with burning cycleLocal Aboriginal Stories and artwork about our seasons, native flora and fauna, as well as the audio stories of Maamba and Joobaitch are available.

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*Noongar is the general name for Aboriginal people in the south-west of Western Australia. 

Six Seasons Artwork by Aurora Abraham

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Fauna & Flora

The City support many initiatives to help educate and support the community to learn and care for our diverse range of native flora and fauna species in our region. Our education officers often engage with local schools and support centres to help highlight to students ways they can contribute and connect to their local environment and community. If you would like to know more please get in contact the City of Kalamunda team to arrange a school incursion and learn more about how the City can support your education of students in our local environment.

City Programs

Some City of Kalamunda programs which schools and education centres can get involved include:

  • Adopt-A-Patch
    This schools-based program focuses on educating and connecting students to their local environment as well as showing them ways to care and learn about broader sustainability principles, local flora and fauna habitats, indigenous culture, environmental rubbish impacts and community connections. Find some resources, ideas for class activities to support schools engage students to support the school patch.
  • Microbat Project
    A City habitat enhancement project to create homes for local micro bats that it is hoped it will reduce local mosquito numbers.
  • Friends Groups 
    These groups undertake activities which help protect and enhance our natural areas including planting native flora, weed control, rubbish removal. Each group care for certain parcels of bushland and contribute to the conservation and maintenance of our natural environment.
  • Community Gardens 
    A self-managed sustainable garden for the benefit of the community.
Some of our education videos available include:
External Flora & Fauna Information & Resources

Bushland & Community

With such a diverse environment in our region, education is key to ensure our bushlands can continue to thrive. Using our programs to nurture our flora and fauna habitats, our bushland is aided through various management and community initiatives.

External Bushland & Community Information & Resources


Some measures the City undertake to promote sustainability within the community include:

External Sustainability Information & Resources
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