Building Applications

NOTE: For the "Type friendly version (WORD)" format of the "BA" type forms please download from the Department of Commerce website. The links below are all in "Print Friendly Version (PDF)" format.

Building and Demolition

BA01 - Certified Application for Building Permit  or
BA02 - Uncertified Application for Building Permit
A building permit is required prior to the construction of all residential and commercial buildings and any extension or alteration to an existing building, and the commencement of any structural works or laying out of a site.

BA05 - Application for a Demolition Permit or
BA22 - Application to extend a building or demolition permit
Required for anyone wishing to demolish any structure on a property prior to the construction of a new residential or commercial dwelling. The BA22 form is to extend the time period allowed for a building and/or demolition Permit to be exercised.
Download Demolition Permit Checklist

BA07 - Notice of Completion
The responsible person in relation to a permit must, within 7 days of completion of the work, or the stage of the work, for which the permit was granted, give notice of completion to a relevant permit authority. A permit ceases to have effect on the day on which a notice of completion in relation to the permit is received by the permit authority under Section 33 of the Building Act 2011.

BA08 - Notice of Cessation
The responsible person in relation to a permit must, before completion of the work, or the stage of the work, for which the permit was granted, give notice of cessation to act as the responsible person to a relevant permit authority. This can also be used where a builder becomes insolvent, dies or for any other reason cannot finish the works covered by a building permit.

Occupancy and Building Approval Certificates

BA09 - Application for an Occupancy Permit
An Occupancy Permit must be issued (and displayed) prior to the occupancy of any building excluding Class 1 buildings (residences), Class 10 buildings (sheds patios etc.) and incidental structures. An occupancy Permit can be applied for as a temporary occupancy permit in the case of an unfinished building or a temporary additional use for a period no longer than a year. A permanent change of a buildings use or classification also triggers an application for an occupancy certificate.

BA13 - Application for a Building Approval Certificate
This certificate is required to start the approval process to legitimise a structure that is found to be unauthorised or unlicensed.

BA19 – Request to amend building permit or builder's details
This notifies and amends a building permit to substitute a replacement builder where the nominated builder is unable to continue the building work, generally due to insolvency, death or disappearance. see guidance notes via

Access, Encroachment, Adversely Affect

BA20 - Notice and Request for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect
BA20A – Notice and request for Consent (Response notice): Protection Structures, Party Walls, Removal of Fences, Access to Land
New laws introduced in Western Australia under Part 6 of the Building Act 2011 require those proposing to do building work that may affect adjoining land to obtain consent or a court order.

The BA20A is necessary where a neighbour must give permission to allow a fence to be removed, to allow access to their land during construction, to erect a party wall, or to erect protection structures on adjoining land.

For more information please view the document on the Building Commission website: A Guide: Work affecting other land

Miscellaneous Forms

Sign Licence Application Form
If you wish to display a sign on the verge or any other City property then use this form. If you wish to put a sign on private property (on a building or standalone) then you will need to lodge an Application for Development Approval Form with Planning Services.

Battery Powered Smoke Alarm Approval Application Form
Required for anyone who is unable to install mains connected, hardwired smoke alarms.
Smoke Alarm Laws.

Application for a Compliance Certificate
Request for Compliance i) Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3 Form) ii) Certificate of Construction Compliance (BA17 Form) iii) Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18 Form) iv) Pool Barrier inspection certificate

Bond Refund Request for Building & Development Activities
Note: All works must be completed before applying for the refund of your Asset Protection bond.

Bank Guarantee Release Form for Building & Development
Note: All works must be completed before applying for the release of a bank guarantee.

Form 82 - Building Service Levy - Request for Refund
This form is not used for refunds where the application was refused or where the local government still holds the levy payment.

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