Lost / Stray Animals

If your Animal has been impounded or if you are missing a pet, please contact Ranger Services on (08) 9257 9999.  

If your call is received outside of Ranger hours please leave your details with the after-hours operators, and a Ranger will return your call the following working day.

For Pound release and Ranger hours please refer to our contact page

If your Animal has been impounded:

  • Rangers will contact the numbers that are on the current registration.
  • If there is no current registration and a microchip is available the contact details on the chip will be called.
  • If your Animal has no microchip, or registration your dog will be immediately impounded for the prescribed amount of time that is required under the Dog Act 1976. Proof of ownership is required upon collection.
  • If you are a new owner of an Animal and it is not yet registered in your name, the City will request the previous owners to complete a transfer of ownership document, transferring ownership of the animal to the new owner.
  • Impounding fees will apply for impounded Animals and will vary depending on registration status. Refer to the impounding fees for further information.
  • Animals are required to be collected as soon as practically possible. All fees must be paid upon collection of the Animal.
  • Impounded animals will attract daily fees.
  • Animals are required to be Microchipped and Registered upon release, Animals will not be released until this has been arranged.
  • Should you request another person to collect your animal, the City will request you to put the details of the authorised person in writing via email.

The City of Kalamunda strive to ensure every effort is made in reuniting Animals with their rightful owner.  If the owner does not come forward the City make every effort to ensure animals are re-homed.
The City uses an endorsed external agency which specialise in the re-homing of Animals under the appropriate legislation.

NOTE: Animals are NOT re-homed directly to the public from the City’s animal management facility. 

Action to take if you have lost your Dog or Cat:

  • Contact the City of Kalamunda and other neighbouring Local Governments to report the lost animal and check it has not been impounded or reported found
  • Check around the house and surrounding neighbourhood, including areas that you regularly take your dog to like parks or reserves, following the normal route you would walk your dog there
  • Check with local Veterinarians and Animal Shelters
  • Check local social media groups / pages for sightings or reports of lost animals.
  • If you have moved recently and not updated your address with the previous Local Government contact that Local Government to report animal lost and provide new address and contact details
  • Sunrise is a good time to search area, as animals are more active and maybe moving around at this time.
  • Advertise in local papers, social media or notice boards, photographs of the animal and a contact number are vital – beware of providing your address and other personal information

Action to take if you have found an injured dog or cat

Be careful, injured animals can be unpredictable when handled and may bite, scratch or attempt to escape, wrapping the animal in a blanket may help reduce the chance of being injured and offer some shelter to the injured animal.
  • If possible, transport to the nearest veterinarian hospital which is open
  • Contact the City of Kalamunda for assistance during Ranger operational hours
  • Provide the City with the registration number of the animal if they have one, so contact can be made with the animals owners
  • Any cat traps set up on residents' property, should only be set up in cooler periods of the day such as evening, in shaded areas, with fresh water and be checked daily, preferably each morning. For assistance with the trapped cat, please contact the City of Kalamunda for assistance during Ranger operational hours. 
    Reminder: Rangers do not collect trapped cats over the Christmas break. 

Identification, Registration and Microchipping

NOTE: Registration details supersede microchip and animal tag details. It is highly recommended that all registration contact information is kept up to date.

Whilst the registration, microchipping and sterilisation (cats only) is required by State Legislation, it is also the quickest and easiest way to have lost animals reunited with their owners. Local Governments, Veterinarians and Animal Shelters all have access to microchip scanning equipment and contact numbers for the database companies.

Council Registration tags ensure that Rangers are able to quickly access your information and contact owners to advise of found or impounded animals.

Name and Address tags on dogs and cats mean that any person who has found your pet can make contact any time of day or night, and ensure a timely reunite with you and your pet.

Please ensure that if you move house, sell or re-home your pet that you update the registration contact details with your local government and also update the microchip details with the national database companies, this can often be done via your regular veterinarian.

Found a Native Animal or Snake?

Whilst the City of Kalamunda does not directly deal with wildlife issues, we do promote the protection and care of native animals in our environment.

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