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Pests, Weeds & Diseases

Invasive animals are introduced animals that compete with, predate upon and introduce diseases into endemic fauna populations.

Introduced predators such as foxes and feral cats, along with loss of habitat, are key factors in the decline of native mammals and animals including ground nesting birds, pythons and other reptiles. Since European settlement, Western Australia (WA) has seen:

  • 11 mammal species extinctions;
  • seven species disappear from the mainland but remain on a few offshore islands;
  • more than 30 species populations decline significantly or become threatened with extinction.

It is not known what the full impact of the loss of these particular species has been on WA's environment. The extinction or decline of any species is of great concern for a range of environmental, amenity and ethical reasons.

Below are some resources, information and tips on managing some of the pests, invasive animals, diseases and weeds in our City.

European Wasps
Portuguese Millipedes
Rainbow Lorikeets
Black Rats
European Rabbits
Red Foxes
Feral Cats
European Honey Bees
European House Borers
Stable Flies
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Other Pests

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Blue Leschenaultia
Phytophthora Dieback
For any further information and details please refer to the additional resources provided by the various State Governments. Alternatively, please contact our Environment Services team via phone (08) 9257 9806 or email: 
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