Urban Forest Strategy

The City has developed an Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) to guide the protection, management and growth of our urban forest, over future decades. The plan sets a clear direction for the City to follow, including engagement with the community, to ensure greener neighbourhoods into the future. 

Our Vision for the City of Kalamunda's Urban Forest:

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The City's diverse urban forest is valued as an intrinsic feature of our evolving City and will be managed an enhanced to provide a resilient place for people, enterprise and ecosystems to flourish.

The term ‘Urban Forest’ is an important asset for the City and includes trees on private and public land.  The services that the urban forest provides  to our community are vast and varied.

Image credit:: https://www.climatechoices.act.gov.au/policy-programs/canberras-living-infrastructure-plan

To maintain and enhance these benefits to the community, economy and environment, the City aspires to achieve a target overall urban canopy of 30% (at tree maturity) by 2043, across the City. This target aligns with international best practice targets for canopy cover.

Broadly, the goals of the UFS are to: 


The UFS provides a holistic and strategic approach to achieving our target and goals. Some of the key UFS actions that will help us to succeed, include:

  • Providing education resources for the community on the social, environmental, and economic benefits of the urban forest.
  • Protecting existing trees in streets and parks, and retrofitting public areas with additional greening through the City’s planting programs.
  • Greening streets and parks in new developments in discussion with developers and other regulators.
  • Protecting the existing trees and leafy canopy already growing on private land and encouraging further tree planting.

The City released its Draft UFS to the public in March 2023 and received valuable comment and input from the community and the Kalamunda Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee, which has been taken onboard with the final design and strategy. 

Download the Urban Forest Strategy 2023-2043 - Part 1 - Summary

Download the Urban Forest Strategy 2023-2043 - Part 2 - Technical Document

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