Planning Applications

Development approval is generally required if you intend to develop or change the use of your land. In most cases, an application for development approval will be required. Details on how to submit a development application, the process and relevant application forms.
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Building Applications

There are various approval and certifications required for building relating to the construction, demolition, occupancy and access to properties.
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Food Stall Applications

Operating a temporary food stall or food van at a single event like a show, fundraising or community event or at the local Kalamunda Village and Farmers markets require approval by the City’s Health Service.
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Event Applications

If you are planning or holding an event which open to members of the public, groups and/or organisations or the event requires compliance including food stall, marquees or amenities required or excessive noise levels then event approval maybe required.
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Donations & Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you an event organiser with a grand idea? Are you a community group with an event in need of support?
The program runs each financial year, with nominations usually opening mid-year for several months. Applicants must complete an application form, which is assessed based on the information provided and the event's community value. Funding is awarded to successful applicants based on merit. Applications must be received a minimum of three months prior to the event taking place.
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Traffic Management Plans

If you are going to work in the road reserve or hold an event in the road you will need a Traffic Management Plan that is approved by the City.
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Telecommunications in New Developments

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with. For more information visit

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