Abandoned Vehicles

City Rangers deal with a large number of abandoned vehicles left in public places. Every attempt is made to contact the owner via vehicle registration details to advise them that their vehicle is abandoned.

Once a vehicle is reported to the City, the Rangers will attend to the location and place chalk makers on the vehicle. If the vehicle hasn’t been removed 24 hours later, a 24-hour removal notice is placed on the vehicle. Where the owner of the vehicle cannot be located, or vehicle has not been removed it may be impounded after the 24-hour notice has expired.

NOTE:  All vehicles left in a public place within the City of Kalamunda without registration identification plates, will be treated as abandoned and will be stickered with a 24-hour removal notice.

 The City stores all impounded vehicles in a secure location with a contracted vehicle storage facility.

Notification to the owner

Following the impounding of a vehicle, the city will make all efforts to notify the owner of an impounded vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the owner to collect the vehicle within 60 days of impoundment by paying the prescribed fees and charges and providing proof of ownership to claim the vehicle.

Vehicles not collected, will be disposed of in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

What you need to bring to claim your impounded vehicle

The City of Kalamunda does require you to provide proof of ownership/ valid registration paper work. Proof of identity will be asked by our customer relations team upon collection of the vehicle.

If you require another person to collect your vehicle on your behalf, they will require the following:

  • Registration paperwork for the vehicle
  • Written approval from you the owner on the registration papers, giving authority for another person to collect the vehicle
  • Person collecting the vehicle will need a valid drivers’ licence for proof of identity

NOTE: All fees must be paid in full before the vehicle is released 

For further information, report or collect an abandoned vehicle please contact the City of Kalamunda Rangers Department- (08) 9257 9999
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