Energy efficiency & renewable energy

Energy is beneficial to our lives, however much of our energy is produced by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and greenhouse gases are emitted in the process of producing this type of energy. Whenever a light or an appliance is switched on, or even when it is unused but sitting in standby mode, energy is being used and so carbon is being emitted into the atmosphere. However, there are many things you can do in your household to reduce your energy use and in turn reduce carbon emissions and save money on bills.

Energy saving tips for households

The Synergy website has great information on which appliances contribute most to your energy bill and contains tips on how to improve energy efficiency in your home.

The also contains useful energy saving tips for households, as well as information on finding the best energy offer for your household and the rebate sorter which enables you to find any rebates, assistance, apps or support in your community.

Switch your thinking offers great tips on how to switch for more energy efficient cooking, heating and water heating options.

Renewable Energy

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home the following resources may be helpful:

Synergy is a great starting point as households need to apply to both Synergy and Western Power to connect your solar system to the grid. Householders may also be eligible for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS).

The Clean Energy Council has general information on solar energy and lists of approved solar retailers and accredited installers.

Synergy has a useful tool for comparing your household energy usage.

Other resources

The Living Smart website is a behaviour change program for households to improve their quality of life and reduce their environmental impact which includes a module on on energy efficiency. Full and short courses are run throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

CarbonTrack has a great article on how to get your kids involved in saving energy.

Earth Hour is a global movement on climate change where millions all over the world go 'lights out' for one hour at 8:30pm as a symbolic show of solidarity.

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