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Magnolia Way Reserve

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : February 2024
Location : Magnolia Way, Forrestfield

Magnolia Way Reserve is being upgraded to create a vibrant multi-purpose all abilities outdoor space which connects park users with the surrounding natural environment and offers contemporary facilities for all park users.

This park is being upgraded as a joint initiative of the City of Kalamunda and the State Government of WA.

The City have considered physical, sensory, social and imaginative play with graded challenges and access options into the concept designs.

The inclusion of accessible parking bays linked to accessible footpath access, and an inclusive toilet block will ensure an outing to Magnolia Park is enjoyed by all.

Amenity facilities have been included to enhance a visit to the park and to provide the option of a picnic outing.

These include a shelter, BBQ, drink fountain, picnic facilities and abundant seating throughout.

Playground Play Spaces

Sensory Dome: Children get a kick from the Sensory Dome as it is a thrilling and sensory playscape. The Sensory Dome features a variety of novel play activities that intrigue, retain, and develop children of all abilities in play. This makes the Sensory Dome a uniquely intense play space to wonder, feel, move, and make friends.

Climbing Cubes: The iconic, geometric shaped blocks encourages climbing and meeting particularly for teenagers and older children. With its sculptural look and professional climbing grips, climbing cubes invites scalable climbing challenges and games. The design allows room for socialising and exchange with its ridge and valley. The possibility of climbing, crawling and balancing at your own speed make it a safe option for children at different climbing levels.

Children can create new climbing routes and methods of navigating up and around the cubes with friends or individually, making for hours of thrill and climbing play. The varied grip and panel positions help to develop muscle strength and motor skills: cross-body coordination, proprioception and spatial awareness, having a positive impact on concentration skills and social-emotional skills such as consideration, which is used when children climb and meet together on the climbing cubes.

WeHopper: The thrilling activity of rotating, rocking and cooperating with a friend is hugely appealing to children of all ages. The WeHopper is perfect in size for young children, and their enthusiasm in mastering the activity is pure play. This trains coordination skills as well as muscles. The handholds allow for different grip heights so that a span of ages are able to get a firm grip.

The coordination of movements for the individual child, and not least the coordination of movements together with a friend, takes concentration and body mastery. This stimulates social skills, and it builds confidence in movement, supporting self-efficacy.

Harmony Flower Posy: This bouquet of six cheerful and eye-catching musical flowers with their bright, fresh colours cannot help but give everyone that spring feeling.

Hammock: A hammock styled unit, that can accommodate all abilities with rubber access for wheel chairs. This becomes beneficial when children of limited ability can swing together with more able bodied children resulting in a more inclusive play environment.

Accessible Playground: This playground has 3 long ramps to the third level as well as many activity panels such as a Clock Panel, Squeeze Panel, Shop Counter, Rock Climbing Wall, Twista Net, 2 Steering Wheels, and a Congo Net for social play underneath the structure. The playground is easily accessible for toddlers, new walkers and kids in wheelchairs who have new play elements on each level. The Access Panels allow for safe travel of little ones and wheelchairs across the entrances and we’ve included a double slide (for racing!) and a Spiral Slide as well.

Multispinner Carousel: One of kids most fun social play and balance training. They are placed so that two, respectively three of them are closer together to allow for easy exit and entrance to the space in the middle of the carousel. The children push the carousel and cooperate and negotiate their way through who are seated where, who are pushing and who are standing.

Toddler Climbing: The Lantern Climbing Nest provides a terrific experience that is limited only to the imaginations. This Lantern Climbing Nest not only sways but also rotates, with ground anchor to limit movement. This unit is very popular with the 3-8 year olds.  2.5m high.  Great for inclusive play as users can sit or lay in the basket.

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