Trading in Public Places 

A Trading in Public Places permit, issued by the City, authorises a business to sell goods to the public on specific City owned or managed land.

It is mandatory to have your permit on hand when trading and to show it to authorised City Officers such as Rangers and Environmental Health Officers, when requested.

Why do I need to apply to sell to the public?
What do I do with my Kalamunda Trading in Public Places permit?
What you need to know about your Kalamunda Trading in Public Places permit?
How much does it cost for a Kalamunda Trading in Public Places permit?

How to apply for a Kalamunda Trading in Public Places permit

The City has pre-assessed locations for trading. Please view these in the trading in Public Places Policy. Once you have identified the location where you wish to operate you can complete application below.

Payment Options

NOTE: All credit card payments incur a 0.46% surcharge. Amex is NOT accepted.

  • By Credit Card:
    Payments can be made over the phone by contacting City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999.
  • In Person / Cash / Eftpos:
    Bring in the application form along with required payment to the Administration Office.

You can submit this form in person. All requirements remain the same.
Download the application form here 

If you require assistance with completing this form please contact Heath Services on (08) 9257 9999. 

Online Application

Part 1: Applicant Details

Part 2: Trading Activity Details

Please provide details of the location/s including address of the stall or trading activity. For an initial application, a detailed plan should be attached indicating the precise location.

Describe what products will be sold and/or services offered and how the goods will be displayed

Describe details of proposed stall eg. trailer, cart, table, vehicle. New applications must include a sketch or photograph. (Please see sketch box on following page)

Specifications of Proposed Stall

(if applicable)

comma separated

Details of Proposed Operations

ATTACH Documentation

Includes: Details of proposed stall sketches, evidence of public liability insurance, food business certificate of registration

Add another

One-off application fees can be paid over the phone or in person at the City of Kalamunda, Administration Centre located at 2 Railway Road Kalamunda  WA  6076.  If approved a Trading in Public Places Permit you will be invoiced an annual fee or part of.                  

NOTE: Applications must be received no less than 7 working days from date of first event.

Payment must be received before your application will be processed. If paying over the phone, you will be contacted by the City for payment.

Please note, credit card payments incur a 0.46% surcharge. Amex is NOT accepted.

Applicable Fees:

Lodgement Details / Declaration

I declare the information provided on this form is accurate, complete and correct.

I understand that this is an application, and approval of this application is not guaranteed.

I have read, agreed and understood the declaration*
NOTE: An email will be sent to the email address provided in the above form to confirm details have been successfully received

NOTE: Using Internet Explorer is no longer supported.  It is recommended other compatible browsers (latest versions) such as Edge, Chrome or Safari is used when completing online forms.

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