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Walk Trails

Immerse yourself in the attractions and natural beauty of the Perth Hills

Walkers seeking an outdoor nature challenge will find short trails and long distance tracks in the native bush surroundings of the Perth Hills, including the iconic Bibbulmun Track. There are many trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty, many with evocative names such as Whistlepipe Gully and Rocky Pool, just perfect for enticing you outdoors!

Tips: When using your Smart Device, ensure your GPS / Location is enabled and permitted on your browser - this allows your movement to be tracked to show your current location on the map. Follow the highlighted route of the trail.

Parking: Some of the City's local walk trails are popular and get busy. With limited parking in some areas, visitors are encouraged to show consideration to residents in the surrounding area and to follow signage and park accordingly. Infringement penalties may apply.

Regardless of the time of year please check to ensure the area you want to experience and explore is safe to do so.
Summer: With high temperatures and dry fuels there is always the potential for fire.
Autumn & Winter: Flooding, Fire or Smoke Warnings may be issued in various areas where controlled burns are being conducted.

Check EmergencyWA for any major burns / hazards / alerts

Be responsible and prepared when doing any walk - ensure you have appropriate clothing, footwear and water for the journey. Stay alert to your surroundings.

Local Walks in the City of Kalamunda

Walk trail information has been prepared as a guide - although every care has been taken to be accurate it should be noted that specified times to do each trail will depend on the person(s) doing the walk and as each season varies the terrain may vary accordingly.

Dogs Permitted Trails: Please keep your dogs on leash unless signage permits otherwise.

The Perth Hills area is home to many National and Regional Parks, many of which do not permit dogs (with exception of approved assistance dogs) to protect indigenous fauna and flora and as consideration of the rights of other park users. Permitted areas for dogs in National and Regional Parks and campgrounds are listed on the Parks and Wildlife Service website.

Visitors to the trails should park safely, responsibly and be mindful of resident and emergency access. Please take all rubbish with you and dispose of it correctly. 

20 Trails

Lions Lookout Walk

Lesmurdie 4.0km Grade 4

Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes

Victoria Reservoir Walk

Carmel 6.0km Grade 3

Approximate time to complete: 120 minutes

Alan Anderson

Walliston 2.1km Grade 1

Approximate time to complete: 40 minutes

Munday Brook Walk

Canning Mills 9.9km Grade 3

Approximate time to complete: 180 minutes

West Terrace Walk

Kalamunda 4.0km Grade 4

Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes

Stathams Quarry Walk

Gooseberry Hill 5.9km Grade 4

Approximate time to complete: 150 minutes

Schipp Road Walk

Kalamunda 4.0km Grade 5

Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes

Palm Terrace Walk

Forrestfield 5.5km Grade 3

Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes

Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail

Gooseberry Hill through to Pickering Brook 11.8km Grade 3

Approximate time to complete: 150 minutes

Whistlepipe Gully Walk

Forrestfield 3.5km Grade 3

Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes

Bibbulmun Track

One of the world’s great long distance walk trails

Stretching nearly 1000km from Kalamunda through to the Albany on the south coast, winding through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia.

The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails, stretching nearly 1000km from Kalamunda through Dwellingup, Collie, Balingup, Donnelly River Village, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Peaceful Bay and Denmark to the historic town of Albany on the south coast.  The Track is for walkers only and is signposted with yellow triangular markers symbolising the Waugal, the rainbow serpent of the Aboriginal Dreaming. It takes walkers through towering karri and tingle forests, down mist-shrouded valleys, over giant granite boulders and along breathtaking coastal heathlands, as well as many of the most beautiful national parks.

The Bibbulmun Track offers a wide range of experiences, from a gentle stroll to enjoy the peace and beauty of the natural environment, to an epic eight week adventure.

Find more about the Bibbulmun Track and planning your trip here

Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail

A unique trail starting from Quenda Creek Reserve in Gooseberry Hill through to Pickering Brook. This trail route celebrates the previous railway track which closed in 1949. The route combines trails suited for both walking and cycling. Visitors can experience the amazing flora and fauna of the Perth Hills.

The is a dual use trail. Cyclists are welcome however please ride slowly and share the space. Please obey these directions for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Find detailed trail maps and information here

Kalamunda Town Heritage Trail

Over a leisurely 20 (town walk) or 30 (extension walk) minutes, immerse yourself in the history of Kalamunda in the days of thriving timber, orchard and guest house industries.

The trails highlight the buildings and sites of the Kalamunda township via a self-guided brochure, which contains information and photographs revealing the hidden histories of the area. Some of the sites on the walks include Stirk Cottage, which was the first permanent dwelling in Kalamunda built in 1881, and the Lesser Hall, which was the first brick building and provided a meeting place for isolated early residents.

Via the app, access extended content including slideshow images showing the way the area has changed over time. Hear fascinating stories through the authentic voices of people who lived and worked in Kalamunda. They share their memories through short audio clips you listen to as you walk around town.

Find out more about Kalamunda Town Heritage Trail including downloading the app here

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