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Alan Anderson

Oct 5, 2018, 12:05 PM
Map detailing Alan-Anderson walk trail
A pleasant park with toilets, barbeque and children’s play equipment. This is an easy loop walk which mostly shaded, suitable for small children.
Map URL : https://maps.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/intramaps22b/?project=Kalamunda&module=Recreation&startToken=71f23aeb-e323-4b91-9bfb-1887a862bf93
KML URL : https://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/docs/default-source/trail-details/kml-walk-trails/alan_anderson_walk.kml?Status=Master&sfvrsn=b16f69c2_2&download=true
Distance : 2.1 km | Grade : 1 | Time to Complete: 40 minutes
NOTE: All are approximate and will vary depending on individual fitness and ability levels

Suburb : Walliston
Location : Corner of Lawnbrook and Pomeroy Roads, Walliston. Car park off Lawnbrook Road near a gazebo.


Dogs Permitted: Please keep your dogs on leads unless signage permits otherwise.

The signs are dark purple

Trail Notes

Start point: Through a barricade of large rocks at the southwest end of the car park.
1. Take the right fork.
2. At the T junction, take the right fork.
3. Ignore a track which runs off to the right.
4. Take the left fork.
5. A well formed track converges from the right. Continue on the marked track.
6. A track converges from the right. Continue on the marked track.
7. An open clearing where several tracks converge. At the first bike jump, turn right and look for the sign on a tall straight tree about 30 metres away.
8. Take the right fork.
9. Track converges from the left. Continue on to Alan Anderson Park.

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