Fees and Charges

This schedule of fees and charges for Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre (KPAC) apply for the 202/2023 financial year.

Please note that extra charges will be retained from Bond for extra cleaning, or security call-outs if facility alarm is not armed at the end of the event.

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Table 1. KPAC fees and charges
Facility Category Charge rate Community Commercial Refundable bond
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)
Performance without alcoholPer hour$150.00$200.00$400.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Performance consuming alcohol
Per hour$95.50$151.00$700.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Non-audience - Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$28.00$41.00$400.00
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (minimum 3 hours)
Per hour$50.00$50.00n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (minimum 3 hours) - Public Holiday Rate
Half hour$75.00$75.00n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Technician (half hour meeting)Per hour$25.00$25.00n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)
Duty Supervisor Per hour$50.00$50.00n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Front of House CoordinatorPer hour$45.00$45.00n/a
Theatre (includes bar & foyer)Front of House Coordinator - Public Holiday RatePer hour$67.00$67.00n/a
Teaching Area (no alcohol permitted)
Performance/function (no alcohol)
Per hour$50.00$50.00$400.00
Teaching Area (no alcohol permitted)Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$22.50$32.00$400.00
Agricultural Hall (Main, includes Lesser Hall, kitchen)
Function without alcohol
Per hour
Agricultural Hall (Main, includes Lesser Hall, kitchen)Function consuming alcohol
Per hour
Agricultural Hall (Main, includes Lesser Hall, kitchen)Rehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$34.00$40.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser Hall
Function without alcoholPer hour$34.00$40.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser HallRehearsals/workshops/set-up/pack-up
Per hour$17.00$20.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser Hall
Gallery Exhibition Function per day$40.00$40.00$400.00
Agricultural - Lesser HallGallery Exhibition Set up/ Pack upper hour$20.00$20.00$400.00
Table 2. Theatre Extras
CategoryCharge RateCommunityCommercialRefundable bond
Grand Piano
Per day
Portable PA system (add $63.80 per extra day)
Per day$135.00$135.00n/a
Data projector (add $63.80 per extra day)
Per day$158.00$158.00n/a
Radio Wireless Microphones
Per day$48.00$48.00n/a
Follow Spot LightingPer day$55.00$55.00n/a
Test & Tag Service (equipment not done by hirer)Per tag$5.00$5.00n/a
Table 3. Other charges (all areas)
CategoryCharge rateCommunityCommercial
Key bond (Refundable)
Per event
Overnight storage (set/equipment/decorations etc.) [midnight - 9am]
Per day

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