Variation Terms & Conditions

If you consider for any reason that it is impractical to clear firebreaks or other hazards as required by the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, or if natural features render works unnecessary, you may apply in writing to the City of Kalamunda or its duly authorised officers, not later than 1 October, for a variation listing alternative methods of fire prevention on your land.

 An administration fee of $150 applies for applications received after 1 October.

If permission is not granted for this application you must comply with all the relevant requirements of the Notice. If a variation is approved, the applicant must adhere to all of the conditions as specified by the City. If the applicant fails to adhere to the specified conditions, they may face penalties up to $5000.

Application will not be approved if;

  • There are dead-end fire breaks without sufficient turn around bays.
  • Application document is not filled out in whole.
  • The applicant has the ability to achieve the requirements of the current Notice as deemed by the City.
  • Variation renders the property unsafe for Firefighters and/or other emergency personal.
  • No attempt of alternative works have been made.

If the application is submitted on or after the 1 October and $150 administration fee has not been paid, the application will considered as incomplete and not accessed or returned to the applicant until the fee has been paid and the property will be in breach of the notice and may be issued with an infringement

A variation is valid for the time of ownership of the property, If a property requires a variation, applicants are required to apply before the 1st of October.  A variation belongs to the applicant. If a property is sold or has new tenants, the current variation becomes void. The new owner/tenant has 14 days to notify the City and apply for a new variation. The new variation is assessed based on the new application received. The City may not automatically approve a variation based on a previous application.

Variations may be withdrawn at any time by the City of Kalamunda Community Safety Team on (08) 9257 9999, or email at

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