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Road Works: King Road, Kalamunda

Project Status : Complete
Estimated Completion Date : approx. 5 April 2021
Location : King Road, from Stanhope Road to Mundaring Weir Road, Kalamunda

Stage 2 works are scheduled to commence late-March 2021, for completion of traffic calming devices on King Road, from Stanhope Road to Mundaring Weir Road.  

These works consist of modification to sections of kerb, and install of four (4) speed cushions, which will be done in two stages.

  • Stage 1: Kerb upgrade (Completed)
    Works were done for this stage between 7th to 14th December 2020. These works consisted of modification to sections of kerb and took approximately one (1) week to complete.
  • Stage 2: Installation of speed cushions. (late-March 2021)
    Works are to be scheduled for late-March 2021. These works will install of four (4) speed cushions. These are estimated to take one (1) week to complete.

This time-frame may vary slightly due to weather conditions and contractor availability. 

Properties located adjacent to the proposed works may experience some disruption in relation to exiting and entering the property. If this situation should occur then you are requested to contact the City’s contractor on 0429 013 991 in the first instance, who will then make the appropriate arrangements with you.  All other project related matters should be directed to the City of Kalamunda via the details provided below.

The City would like to assure the community, that every effort will be made during these works to minimise impact on those who live nearby and also to the environment.

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