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Environmental Landcare Works: Kalamatta Way Reserve, Gooseberry Hill

Project Status : Complete
Estimated Completion Date : November 2022
Location : Kalamatta Way, Gooseberry Hill

As a part of on-going reserve management, the City of Kalamunda are conducting landcare to sections of Kalamatta Way Reserve located in Gooseberry Hill.

May 2021: The team conducted woody weed removal and rectify some of the erosion in this area.  Woody weeds such as Sydney Golden Wattle (Acacia longifolia) which were dominating the local native vegetation were removed to aide the native flora to thrive. The weeds were removed using an excavator to grind the weeds down and mulch the surrounding landscape.

To improve water flow and reduce the ongoing erosion issues in this area, drainage works commenced but will continue to be monitored and adjusted to accommodate the steep gradient and be adjusted based on the surface water. 

June 2021:  The woody weed removal continues,  with remaining weeds to be removed by hand to avoid damage to native species. Monitoring of the network drainage system will continue.

July 2021: The team installed 10 artificial habitat nodes for our native fauna to use whilst the native plant species grow and get re-established. The habitat nodes consist of wooden pallets wrapped in chicken wire that’s secured to the ground and covered in hay, mulch and branches (the design selected is predator proof).  

November 2022: Thirty students from Carmel Adventist College Secondary, participated in a busy bee to replenish the Quenda bungalows which had been thinned out by hungry Kangaroos chewing on the hay! They also removed woody weeds that had begun re-growing in the area.

Minor works will continue to the drainage network based on the monitoring and regular site visits.

Images (from left to right):

  • Kalamatta Way Reserve area prior to removal of woody weeds
  • Section of the highlighting a section of the reserve which has had woody weeds removed
  • Native species marked (with pink ribbon) and retained during the woody weed removal
  • Carmel Adventist College Secondary Students replenishing quenda bungalows.

The City of Kalamunda is committed to maintain our natural environment through the implementation of the Kalamunda Environment Strategy.

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All project related matters should be directed to the City of Kalamunda via the contact details provided.

Project Images

Kalamatta Reserve area prior to removal of woody weeds

Cleared woody weed area, this area to be regetated with native species and have temporary artificial habitat nodes installed.

Native species marked before the woody weeds were removed to ensure they were not removed.

Carmel Adventist College Secondary Students replenishing quenda bungalows

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Contact Information

For additional information please contact David Broadhurst, Environmental Team at the City of Kalamunda.
Phone (08) 9257 9999 during business hours

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