Mar 11, 2019, 14:54 PM

Soft Plastics such as plastic bags, cling wrap and chip packets currently cannot be recycled within the City of Kalamunda’s waste system. Until a soft plastic recycling system is established there are many alternatives that can be used. These include:

What goes in the REDCycle bins?

bread bags, Biscuit packets, wrapper only, paper goods and packaging, pasta and rice bags, frozen food & veggie bags, confectionary bags, plastic bags, old green bags, cereal box liners

Plastic bottles, Plastic containers, any rigid plastic (e.g. meat trays), glass, rubber, paper and cardboard, tin cans, food waste.


Items accepted :
  • biscuit packets
  • bread bags
  • cereal plastic / box liners
  • confectionary bags
  • frozen food packaging
  • old green bags
  • paper goods
  • paper packaging
  • pasta / rice bags
  • sweets/chocolate packaging
  • vegetable bags
  • veggie bags
  • wrappers
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