Mar 11, 2019, 14:54 PM

Soft Plastics such as plastic bags, cling wrap and chip packets currently cannot be recycled within the City of Kalamunda’s waste system. Until a soft plastic recycling system is established there are many alternatives that can be used. These include:

  • Refuse – Instead of using single use plastic bags invest in reusable shopping bags such as Onya bag or Canvas bags
  • REDcycle – has now gone into administration and the Soft Plastics Taskforce have released their Roadmap to Restart.

Please note: Soft plastics should be placed in the General Waste bin and not stockpiled until a new recovery option for soft plastics in WA is provided.

There is a new path for soft plastic packaging plan in Australia. For more information see National Plastics Recycling Scheme - Australian Food and Grocery Council ( for more information.

Items accepted :
  • biscuit packets
  • bread bags
  • cereal plastic / box liners
  • confectionary bags
  • frozen food packaging
  • old green bags
  • paper goods
  • paper packaging
  • pasta / rice bags
  • sweets/chocolate packaging
  • vegetable bags
  • veggie bags
  • wrappers
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