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Planning projects throughout the City hold a range of objectives, including increased amenity, increased employment opportunities, and meeting future population and aged care demands.

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High Wycombe South

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : Ongoing
Location : Forrestfield/High Wycombe area


In August 2014, the State Government announced the Forrestfield Airport Link, a $1.86 billion passenger train line running from the Midland line near Bayswater Station, servicing the Perth Airport and finishing in the Forrestfield/High Wycombe area. The train line is scheduled to be up and running by 2022 as part of the Metronet project. Following this announcement, the then Shire of Kalamunda* (City) started to explore the opportunities that a new train station could bring to the surrounding areas. This meant moving away from the industrial land uses, previously proposed, and focusing on urban uses more suitable for a train station precinct.

In late 2014, the City commenced the preparation of a District Structure Plan (DSP) to identify new land use opportunities, guide the urban structure, vision and objectives of future urban development. The new focus resulted in planning for the delivery of high density residential housing, a new activity centre and a commercially focused precinct based around the new train station. In line with the North-East Sub-regional Framework, the aim is to connect people with their place of work and recreation. 

In September 2016, the Forrestfield North DSP was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). View a copy of the Forrestfield North DSP here

* The Shire became a City on1 July 2017.

Structure Plans

The purpose of the Local Structure Plans (LSP) is to guide development around the new High Wycombe Train Station, currently under construction as part of the Forrestfield Airport Link project. The LSPs will be progressed as two key components being the Residential Precinct and the Transit Oriented Development Precinct.

Residential Precinct Local Structure Plan

The Residential Precinct LSP encompasses the land generally bounded by Poison Gully Creek, Roe Highway, Sultana Road West and Milner Road, just to the east of the new High Wycombe Train Station, and the associated Transit Oriented Development Precinct.  The LSP has been prepared to facilitate the coordinated development of high quality medium to high density residential development, expected to encompass single houses, grouped dwellings and apartments. 

The LSP provides for over 30 hectares of green public spaces in the form of local open space, environmental conservation areas and pre-existing Bush Forever bushland reserves.  These green spaces will support the vision to create a ‘Forest Neighbourhood’ in a medium to high density area with a 'bush character'. A primary school site is identified in conjunction with district open space on Brand Road, to form a future combined education and sporting precinct.

The Residential Precinct LSP was approved by the WAPC on 27 July 2020 and can be viewed here

Amendment to the Residential Precinct Local Structure Plan

Modifications to the Residential LSP have been prepared to align the LSP with the spatial layout of the Transit Oriented Development Precinct Activity Centre Structure Plan, to have regard for projected residential and commercial development, and regard to traffic investigations undertaken since the approval of the LSP. Key modifications include changes to the density ranges and and the road network. 

The LSP Amendment was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) on 12 October 2021 for the purpose of public advertising, with advertising concluding on 4 January 2022. 

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 24 May 2022, the Council endorsed the High Wycombe South Local Structure Plan (LSP) Amendment, submissions, and recommended modifications, with the LSP Amendment lodged with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) in June 2022 for determination by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).  A copy of the May 2022 OCM Agenda and Minutes and associated documents including the endorsed proposed LSP Amendment can be viewed on the Agenda & Minutes section of the City's website.

The proposed LSP Amendment was considered at the WAPC’s Statutory Planning Committee (SPC) meeting on 11 October 2022 where the SPC resolved to require modifications to the LSP Amendment (Attachment 6) and resubmit to the WAPC for approval. 

In April 2023 the City finalised the required modifications to the LSP Amendment and supporting technical reports, and lodged documentation with the DPLH for final approval of the LSP Amendment by the WAPC.

Approval of the Residential Precinct Local Structure Plan Amendment
The WAPC’s approval of the Residential Precinct Local Structure Plan – Amendment No. 1 was confirmed on 25 August 2023. This decision represents an important stage in the establishment of the local planning framework for the High Wycombe South Residential Precinct, and for the City of Kalamunda to progress the Government’s planning vision for the project area.
The decision to approve the LSP Amendment constitutes the final approval of the LSP itself, and is a significant milestone for the High Wycombe community and more broadly for the City of Kalamunda. The LSP Amendment provides greater certainty about development outcomes, and affirms the strategic basis for infrastructure identified through Amendment 113 and the draft Development Contribution Plan discussed below.
Given the historical changes and uncertainty with this area, this approval embeds a clear vision for the future development in the precinct. The key themes include creating a sense of character, identity, and liveability. The LSP will enable affordable and sustainable housing that respects the environmental heritage, provides for a primary school for the future community, and focus on key public transport links and walkability. It will prepare the area for transition through the strategic development of urban cells, while embedding an approach that will deliver enhanced environmental green spaces and biodiversity.
The full version of the WAPC approved Residential Precinct LSP report including Amendment No. 1 can be viewed here. A copy of the approved Structure Plan and supporting Development Plan are provided below.


Compliance in the Forrestfield / High Wycombe Stage 1 Industrial Area

The City continues to investigate land use activities on Sultana Road West and more broadly in the Forrestfield High Wycombe Stage 1 Industrial Area, to ensure all approved light industrial activities are fully compliant with conditions of their respective development approvals.

Residents are encouraged to contact the City’s Approval Services on 9257 9999 or via email with any concerns or any new information to assist.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Precinct Activity Centre Structure Plan (ACSP)

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Precinct will incorporate planning for a new activity centre and commercially focused, transit oriented area based around the new High Wycombe train station. 

In May 2021, the Metronet East Redevelopment Scheme (Redevelopment Scheme) was gazetted to incorporate the land included within the TOD Precinct. The Redevelopment Scheme establishes DevelopmentWA (previously Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and Landcorp) as the planning authority, with the  following broad responsibilities:

  • Preparing a project vision to inform the intended outcomes for the area;
  • Preparing a planning framework to guide future development; and
  • The determination of Development Applications in the TOD Precinct.

The City has been working collaboratively with DevelopmentWA to receive the technical inputs required and to progress the TOD Precinct Activity Centre Structure Plan (TOD ACSP).  The City has prepared a draft TOD ACSP providing a spatial layout that responds to the outcomes of all technical studies, as well as the opportunities and constraints of the TOD Precinct. The layout provides the base required for DevelopmentWA to further establish the planning framework for the area, including the preparation of a Redevelopment Strategy and associated Design Guidelines for the TOD Precinct.

In October 2021, the Council resolved to adopt the draft TOD ACSP for the purposes of forwarding the documentation to DevelopmentWA, for submission to DevelopmentWA to initiate their assessment, consultation, and determination. For further information regarding the draft TOD ACSP please access the report and attachments via the City’s website under Agenda and Minutes.

The draft TOD ACSP has been submitted to, and the following advice provided from, DevelopmentWA:

 "As the planning authority for the METRONET East High Wycombe Project Area, DevelopmentWA is responsible for the public advertising of the TOD ACSP. DevelopmentWA will invite public comment from key stakeholders and the local community with letters to be sent to all landowners within the project area confirming where to view the plan and associated documents and how to submit comment. At the end of the public advertising period, all submissions will be considered prior to final determination of the TOD ACSP."

DevelopmentWA are preparing Design Guidelines to support the assessment of development and subdivision in the TOD ACSP, and once drafted  will undertake public advertising concurrently with the TOD ACSP. No formal date has been set to undertake public advertising. Through the newsletter the City will advise the community when this can be confirmed. 

METRONET East - High Wycombe Fact Sheet is available on the DevelopmentWA website available via this link

For further information on the future planning for the TOD Precinct please contact DevelopmentWA’s Planning team on (08) 9482 7499 or via email

Development Contribution Plan

The development of the Residential Precinct and TOD Precinct in line with the respective LSP and draft ACSP requires the timely and cost-efficient provision of infrastructure and facilities, such as roads, drainage, open space, sporting and community facilities, to support the envisaged residential and commercial development. This will contribute to liveability and community wellbeing and help facilitate the necessary development of housing for a growing population.

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) is required to coordinate the equitable cost sharing arrangements for, and timely delivery of, infrastructure needed for the development of the precincts.

The draft High Wycombe South DCP reached an important milestone on 18 April 2023, with the Council resolving to proceed with the necessary steps required before undertaking public advertising. Specifically, the report is currently with the WAPC for their consideration and approval to proceed to formal advertising.

Amendment 113 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3) and supporting draft Development Contribution Plan Report were considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) on 18 April 2023. See the Minutes and associated documents on the Agenda & Minutes section of the City’s website here.

The City’s preparation of the DCP has been a significant undertaking which, together with the preparation of structure plans, has been an important Strategic investment in the precinct. The DCP will coordinate funding for essential infrastructure and will facilitate the progressive development of the area in line with the vision established under High Wycombe South Residential Precinct Local Structure Plan.

The City has prepared frequently asked questions about the DCP to assist landowners and stakeholders with some common questions. These FAQs are included in Related Documents below. 

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View of High Wycombe Train Station

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