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Bibbulmun Track Camel Farm and Return

Oct 5, 2018, 12:14 PM
Map detailing Camel-Farm-to-Bibbulmun walk trail
This is an easy walk on the Bibbulmun Track, through the Kalamunda and Beelu National Parks.
Map URL : https://maps.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/intramaps98/default.htm?project=Kalamunda&module=Recreation%20Trails&form=363d79e7-fd91-427c-b49a-dafbf90601cc&fields=Camel%20Farm%20to%20Bibbulman
KML URL : https://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/docs/default-source/trail-details/kml-walk-trails/camel_farm_to_bibbulman.kml?Status=Master&sfvrsn=460e6a93_2&download=true
Distance : 6.5 km | Grade : 2 | Time to Complete: 120 minutes
NOTE: All are approximate and will vary depending on individual fitness and ability levels

Suburb : Hacketts Gully
Location : The Camel Farm on Paull’s Valley Road, Hackett’s Gully, 8km from Kalamunda. Car park at the Camel Farm.


Trail markers for this walk are the Bibbulmun Track Waugal Snake marker

Trail Notes

Start point: On Paull’s Valley Road heading west towards Kalamunda.
1. Cross an old road, underneath an overhead power line.
2. Cross a road, look for the new Bibbulmun sign straight ahead.
3. Junction of the Winjan and Bibbulmun tracks. Follow the Bibbulmun signs.
4. Turn right along a bitumen road. Continue past the end of the bitumen for approximately 50 metres and pick up the signs to the left.
5. Leave a well made road following the signs as they turn off to the left.
6. Junction with a road entering from the right. Continue straight ahead.
7. Turn left off a well made road and follow the signs. At this point, there are views north into the Helena Valley.
8. Two overhead power lines, the end of the walk. Midland Junction is visible looking down the power lines.
From this point, it is approximately 4kms to the Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track, although it can become quite steep in some sections.
To complete the Camel Farm walk, retrace your steps back to the Camel Farm.

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