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Artists Biography

Phil once trained and worked as a gem cutter in Canada. It was something that he wanted to do from a young age. But by the time he’d ‘achieved his goal’ he began to realise that this wasn’t it for him. Surprisingly, it was a trade that requires little creativity as you try to achieve the same set of ideals with each piece of rough. Phil arrived in Australia with the continuing strong desire to make! The opportunity to continue cutting stones was limited and he eventually found himself studying art - which was literally life changing. A whole new world opened up - where expression and creativity seemed to have no boundaries.

Over the years he has worked and experimented with many different types of media from 3D modelling to science/technology-based projects to the design, fabrication, and installation of public art projects. All are valid and the desire to make continues the adventures!

Phil Gamblen Profile

Exhibition: Dispersion

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