Hikers and Riders Ready to Tackle Kalamunda to Pickering Brook Trail

21 October 2020 9:00 AM

Construction of the Perth Hills Loop Trail, Stage 1, linking Kalamunda and Pickering Brook is now complete.

The 11.8 kilometre trail comprising a series of new and upgraded mountain bike and walking trails linking the hills suburbs as part of the wider trails’ strategy, extend along past the current Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail

                                Overview of Kalamunda to Pickering Brook Trail Loop      Icon Donkey Orchid used to identify the Railway Heritage Trail from Gooseberry Hill to Pickering Brook

New signage has been developed for the Stage 1 trail to be installed over the coming weeks. A Donkey Orchid symbol has been utilised to mark the trail and distinguish it from other trails that intersect along the route.

City Mayor Margaret Thomas said the new walking, hiking and riding trail loop was designed with walker and rider safety front of mind.

“Not only does this design strengthen links between the northern and southern sections of the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail, it offers separate sections of the trail for walkers and for cyclists to maximise safety from Kalamunda out to Pickering Brook.” Cr Thomas said.

The City funded project has been completed with assistance from the Western Trails Alliance

Walkers and riders are reminded to ensure they have adequate water, weather protection and stay on the tracks to prevent damage to the local environment. Keeping to the tracks also ensures we stop the spread of Phytophthora Dieback which threatens our natural biodiversity on the Railway Reserve. This is also an important issue for home gardeners, landscapers, new home builders and bushwalkers. Dieback free zones have been protected with timber grids. Cyclists are asked to ride over these grids when they come across them. They are designed to shake free loose material from the bikes and reduce possible spread of the disease.

To reduce the spread of Phytophthora Dieback don't spread soil or mud around bushland, in particular during spring and autumn; stick to tracks and paths; observe signage in local bushland reserve; and stay out of quarantined areas. 

This improved trail follows along the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail, a historic part of the City. The railway line was constructed in 1891 and then closed in 1949. The Railway line was to take on a new life through the prolonged efforts of the community over the years to come, from the efforts of Council to retain the land, and the vision and commitment of the Friends of Railway Reserve. The Trail provides a facility for local residents and visitors alike to experience the Kalamunda bushland within walking distance of the very centre of town; it also offers a variety of options for more adventurous recreation pursuits. Previous to this upgrade the trail had been upgraded in 2006 between the Zig Zag and the Site of Walliston Railway Station, however south of that point signage and clear trail alignment was lacking. 

The original Railway Line went from Midland Junction Station, through Gooseberry Hill, Kalamunda, Walliston, Bickley, Carmel and Pickering Brook to Pickering Junction, before heading to Canning Mills and Karragullen. The Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun track connects to the Railway Trail in the town centre, heading East.

The bushland that forms part of the Railway Reserve has been actively cared for by various volunteers over the years, with the Friends of Railway Reserve currently active in many sections along the length of the trail. The volunteers, with the support of the City, contribute a valuable service to the community and to the conservation of the biodiversity found in these reserves.  New volunteers are always welcome.  For further information contact the City of Kalamunda on (08) 9257 9999.

Stage 2 of the loop trail proposes to loop from Pickering Brook back to Kalamunda through parts of the trails network to the east. 

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