Roe Highway and Kalamunda Interchange

03 February 2020 8:00 AM

The impact on road users remains limited and is being minimised by the contractor (Georgiou Group) as far as possible. In the coming weeks, the community may notice some new activities close to residential areas. These include the continuing essential service relocation(s).

Key activities scheduled from late January 2020 include: 

  • Bulk Excavations and Bridge Pier Foundations: The most visible construction activities are the bulk excavations for the foundations for the new Kalamunda Road Bridge over Roe Highway. Over the past several weeks, the bridge pier footings have been poured, which represents a significant project milestone. This activity will continue into February 2020. The new bridge will continue to take shape as the year progresses.
  • Principal Shared Path Extension: Maida Vale Road to Berkshire Road Construction activity of the new Principal Shared Path (PSP) extension between Maida Vale Road and Berkshire Road is nearing completion.
  • Essential Services Relocations: Across the project footprint, from the northern corridor near the Hillview Public Golf Course (entrance) onto David Street reserve, there has been a significant amount of essential services relocations (water, power, gas, electricity and telecommunications) to allow for the construction of the of the new interchange. Main Roads WA expect this activity to continue into February 2020. Maida Vale residents with common boundaries along the existing noise wall (Kookaburra Crescent, Itea Court, Emu Court, Tull Court and Cygnet Court) will notice excavations occurring over the next four weeks along the road-side edge of wall towards the new interchange.
  • Dust Management: Main Roads and contractor Georgiou understand that dust management is a key concern for some residents. Main Roads WA are actively monitoring and providing dust suppression (water trucks and DUSTEX) across the construction site. This will continue throughout the construction of the interchange. To date, there have been no exceedances of dust above the mandated levels established as part of the project’s environmental approval. If local residents have any concerns about dust blowing towards their properties, please do not hesitate to contact us on 138 138.
  • Vegetation: Clearing along Roe Highway (Northbound) There is some existing vegetation in the road reserve along Roe Highway Northbound between Maida Vale Road and Kalamunda Road that will be cleared to accommodate a new highway off-ramp to Kalamunda Road. This vegetation is scheduled for removal in mid-2020. Main Roads WA have received a request to remove a small number of dead trees in this area in advance of the main clearing works. Main Roads WA carefully considered this request, however, this would require an additional round of traffic management on Roe Highway and cause further disruption to daytime traffic.

Working with the community

Main Roads WA remain committed to working closely with local residents and the community for the duration of the project. They encourage ongoing feedback on their performance and seek to incorporate community views wherever possible. In recent months, community engagement has led to the: 

  • Installation of a new Colourbond fence along the PSP extension alignment between Maida Vale Road and Berkshire Road to maintain residential privacy.
  • Relocation of an access driveway to a WaterCorp pumping facility away from residential properties on David Street.
  • Revision of the design to remove a section of path from David Street, which would have led to greater foottraffic in the area.
  • Additional dust suppressant activity across the site.

Full notice update can be viewed here

Further Information

Contact Main Roads WA.
If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of these works, please email or call 138 138. Information can also be found via the Main Roads WA project webpage: 

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