Exhibition: Conversation 5

02 April 2022 : 4:00 PM - 18 April 2022 : 4:00 PM

A group exhibition of fine works by five friends - Anna Poplawska - Abstract Photography, Magda Morawiec – Ceramics, Zbigniew (Ziggy) Morawiec - Photography, Zofia Paluszak – Mixed Media and Karol Paluszak - Paintings.

Exhibition Dates:  2 April - 18 April 2022

In a speeding world full of demands and pressures, this exhibition brings together islands of peace and moments of connection found through the practice of art.

Join us for the official opening on Saturday 2 April from 6pm.

“In our speeding world, in which time is vanishing into black holes, where our brains are constantly attacked by multitude of not always uplifting information and every day is not necessarily serene but full of demands and pressures - finding a peaceful island is priceless.

Island, on which the big and not so big things causing us concerns and discomfort are left behind.   

We, the 5 of us, where lucky enough to find such places.

We arrived on our islands by different paths, with different personalities and different stories to tell, but we all speak common language of light, colours and shapes.

Seeking, improving, pushing boundaries in our personal artistic activity, help us to regain the inner balance and forget the frustration of everyday life.

This collection of our works is a souvenir or a postcard from our islands.” – Conversation 5 Artists 

Gallery Opening hours: 9–4 weekdays; 10–4 weekends
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