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Kalamunda Arts Advisory Committee (KAAC)

Contact name : City of Kalamunda
Contact number : (08) 9257 9999
Current expiry term : October 2021


The purpose of the KAAC is to provide information and advice about current and emerging arts related matters to City of Kalamunda Council for the purpose of decision-making and planning.

The City of Kalamunda recognises that the Arts contribute to the overall well-being, liveability and economy of our community. Incorporating arts into planning and urban design provides an opportunity to deliver a cohesive vision and celebrate the City’s rich heritage and contemporary Arts practise.

The Committee will provide advice on engagement with the Arts community and will also advise Council on matters regarding policy, strategic planning, integration and implementation of City initiatives.

The Committee will help identify much of the work required that will inform the development of recommendations to Council to enable informed decision-making.

  • Reference and maintain the Arts Vision for the City to provide a cohesive creative direction and appropriate themes for all planning and development initiatives that are in line with the City’s Arts’ Masterplan.
  • Review City Master Plans and make recommendations that draw on the City’s Arts Strategy and best contemporary practise.
  • Review current initiatives, identify and advise on opportunities in the City’s provision of arts activities and events.
  • Provide advice to Council to guide the development and implementation of the City’s Art Strategy Policies.
  • Provide advice on forums and other opportunities for sharing and receiving information from the arts community.
  • Provide advice that ensures community expectations and relevant policies are aligned to promote the Arts.
  • Identify Arts related collaborations and strategies to maximise participation by the community and opportunities to create and engage with diverse Arts activities.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the Committee’s work and achievement of best value for the community is supported by strong ongoing communications between the Committee and the City.

The Advisory Committee is to be made up of 11 members comprising:

  • One Elected Member
  • Five members from the Arts Community practicing in Fine Arts
  • Three members representing Community Art Groups
  • Two members from Performing Arts

Appointment is for up to two years and members are eligible for reappointment following the Council Ordinary Election. 


Open: 28 August 2019
Closed: 5pm on Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Further information available from Engage.Kalamunda
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