Committee / Panel Details

Disability and Carers Advisory Committee (DCAC)

Contact name : City’s Senior and Disability Officer
Contact number : 9257 9958
Current expiry term : October 2021

To advise and make recommendations to Council, on a range of strategic issues which affect the quality of life of people with disability, their families and carers living in and visiting the City of Kalamunda.
  • Considering provision of services, facilities and programs for people living with disability, their families and carers and visitors to the City of Kalamunda.
  • Considering issues pertaining to the implementation of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP).
  • Seeking to identify any opportunities to improve inclusion and reduce social isolation for all community members.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to Council in respect to disability, disability services and improvement of access.

The Advisory Committee is to be made up of 8 members comprising:

  • One Councillor
  • Up to five community representatives with a disability or who have experience and interest in access and inclusion of people with disability.
  • Up to two organisations providing services to people with disability.
  • A senior management staff member will be appointed to attend the meetings for the purpose of providing guidance and advice to the Committee but will not be entitled to vote.
In recent years significant improvements in access have been achieved by the City of Kalamunda working in consultation with the committee.

Appointment is for up to two years and members are eligible for reappointment following the Council Ordinary Election. 


Open: 28 August 2019
Closed: 5pm on Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Further information available from Engage.Kalamunda
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