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Design Advisory Committee (DAC)

Contact name : City of Kalamunda
Contact number : (08) 9257 9999
Current expiry term :


The Design Advisory Committee (DAC) has been appointed to advise City of Kalamunda on architectural matters to ensure a high design quality to future buildings.

The DAC has been designed to complement the adopted Scheme Amendment 84 provisions to create DACs to help guide design concepts.

The committee, which has been formed after expressions of interest were received from 17 applicants, entails five core members and two alternate advisory positions if needed.   Members receive an hourly fee for their expertise on the committee.

All members have backgrounds and experience in urban design and architecture.

Two deputy members have been selected as standby members if any of the five sitting members are unavailable.

Each of the DAC panel members are technical experts. They are:

  • Chris Melsom, a qualified and registered Town Planner and Architect with 30 years’ experience;
  • Carmel Van Ruth, a senior government Architect with 20 years’ experience;
  • David Barr, an architect and planner with 14 years’ experience;
  • Jurg Hunziker, an international and local Architect with 30 years’ experience;
  • Ross Montgomery a town planner with 25 years’ experience and a background as a Landscape Architect.
  • Both Patrick Beale and Ian Molyneux have been appointed as the two alternate members of the panel. 

The appointment of suitably qualified and experienced committee members will enable the appropriate level of design advice and review for development proposals.

For enquiries contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999

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