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Bush Fire Control and Advisory Committee

Contact name : City of Kalamunda - Fire and Emergency Management
Contact number : (08) 9257 9999
Current expiry term :


The City of Kalamunda has chosen to appoint a Bush Fire Advisory Committee for the purpose of:

advising the City regarding all matters relating to:

  • preventing, controlling and extinguishing bushfires
  • planning of the layout of fire breaks within the district
  • prosecutions of breach of the Bush Fires Act 1954
  • formation of Bush Fire Brigades and the grouping there of under group brigade officers
  • ensuring of cooperation and coordination of Bush Fire Brigades in their effort and activities

any other matter relating to Bush Fire control as specified within the Bush Fires Act 1954.



The objectives of the Committee are to report and make recommendations to Council on:

  • All matters relating to the Bush Fires Act 1954.
  • The financial affairs of the Bush Fire Brigade, not covered by the Local Government Grants Scheme.
  • The general management of the affairs of the Bush Fire Brigade
  • Provide advice and submissions on needs.
  • Oversee the implementation of the policies, to assist in the development and maintenance of an appropriate emergency management and bush fire capability.
  • Preventing, controlling and extinguishing of bush fires
  • The planning of the layout of fire-breaks in the district Prosecutions for breaches of the Bush Fire Act 1954.
  • The formation of bush fire brigades and the grouping thereof under group brigade officers
  • The ensuring of co-operation and co-ordination of bush fire brigades in their efforts and activities
  • Any other matter relating to bush fire control whether of the same kind, as, or a different kind from, those specified.
  • Carrying out other functions assigned to the committee by Council

More information about the City's Emergency Management and Committees is available here

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