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Maida Vale South

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : Not Specified
Location : bound by Roe Highway to the west, Sultana Road East to the south, Hawtin Road to the east and Maida Vale Cell 6 development area to the north.

The Maida Vale South urban investigation area is generally bounded by Roe Highway to the west, Sultana Road East to the south, Hawtin Road to the east and the Maida Vale Cell 6 urban area to the north (adjacent to Maida Vale Road and Poison Gully Creek).  

Maida Vale South has been identified as an ‘Urban Expansion Area’ by the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) North-East Sub-Regional Structure Plan. Maida Vale South has also been identified by the City of Kalamunda in the Local Planning Strategy (2010) as an ‘Urban Investigation Area’. 

Further detailed planning is required for Urban Expansion/Investigation areas prior to consideration for any rezoning under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) or Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS 3) and before development can occur include. Investigations include, but are not limited to, protection of significant environmental attributes, water resources, bushfire risk, servicing, community and social infrastructure, movement networks and employment.

Detailed planning investigations for the area are being progressed by a private developer supported by a planning consultant. This proponent is seeking a to progress a MRS amendment to change the zoning for the ‘Urban Investigation Area’ from ‘Rural’ to ‘Urban’ to facilitate residential/urban development. As part of this process, a concurrent LPS 3 amendment will also need to be considered to rezone the current ‘Special Rural’ designation to an ‘Urban Development’ zone.

The ‘Urban Development’ zone requires preparation and approval of a Structure Plan to facilitate residential development.  The proponent is also seeking to undertake the detailed Structure Planning for the area in this regard.

As of June 2022, the City is yet to receive any formal proposal for a Structure Plan or LPS3 rezoning but the City is aware that these plans are in the process of being prepared.  The required technical reporting and investigation takes some time and the City understands this process commenced in late 2015. The City is of the understanding that it is now well progressed and will include Black Cockatoo Tree Hollow Surveys to occur in mid-2022.

The City has prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions to assist with queries regarding the process. 

Project Images

North East Sub-Regional Framework Map - Maida Vale South Location

Map overview showing Maida Vale South areas

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