Good Knowledge Hills

My art acknowledges and represents many things but firstly "Mundy" A strong and important Whadjuk Noongar warrior and leader of the Beeloo Noongar Nation.

His spirit stands tall and strong on top of his fire (karla) on the top of the hill, alongside his proud people, watching over the land from high above.

The artwork is full of colours, from fiery orange to pinks, blues and greens. These colours all hidden are actually part of the hills and countryside nearby.

They represent colours of all plants, large and small. Even the birds and animals, carry these colours if you look close enough.

The spirits of all people coming together today, standing strong together, are the blue spirits of life in the hills. Hoping for a good future for the hills and surrounds.

Below them are the people sitting, "U " symbols in orange), sitting and yarning about the Noongar people of this place.

The "U" symbol show people from many places, coming and sitting near the hills, taking in new knowledge, learning of the Noongar history that runs deep throughout this special area. Showing much respect in a beautiful way.

Then sharing of all types of knowledge is well respected and exchanged happily too.

In the hills, the yonga (Kangaroo) lives. Today the yonga remains a very important part of the Noongar peoples lives. As the yonga has many uses. It is a food source, its fur used for warmth and carry bags, bones even used as tools. Nothing was wasted. If you look in the bush, you will see them bouncing or lazing around the hills.

The colours spread throughout the art of the many intricate and delete delights we see when getting back to nature. The flowers and leaves changing through the seasons.

The weitj (emu) is hard to see but it still walks among us. It seems harder and harder to see these days, but keep looking and you'll see it, walking around.

The waterholes (concentric circles) trickle throughout Mundy’s place, you can see a waterhole, with flowing water running down the hillside, leading to another waterhole, helping sustain life for all in the bush, keeping all life going forward in the hills area and nourishing the countryside we all share. So we can continue to enjoy all the unique plants and animals found right here and nowhere else in the world.

Nerolie Bynder 

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