Project Details

Verge Mowing

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : late October 2023
Location : Various locations in the City of Kalamunda

A contractor has been engaged to carry out the 2023 verge mowing works throughout the City. Round 1 commenced at the end of July.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure zones are brush-cut sufficiently, some completed areas may see some rapid regrowth due to recent rains. This verge mowing program is a two (2) part process to help address this regrowth.

It is anticipated the program will take approximately three (3) months to complete. Timeframes could vary slightly due to weather conditions and contractor availability. 

Mowing Zones

(see image below for map overview of the zones)

    • 1.1 High Wycombe (Round 1 Complete)
    • 1.2 High Wycombe  (Round 1 Complete)
    • 1.3 High Wycombe (Round 1 Complete)
    • 1.4 Maida Vale (Round 1 Complete)
    • 1.5 Forrestfield/Maida Vale (Round 1 Complete)
    • 2.1 Forrestfield/High Wycombe 
    • 2.2 Forrestfield 
    • 2.3 Forrestfield (Round 1 Started)
    • 2.4 Forrestfield 
    • 2.5 Wattle Grove (Round 1 Started)
    • 2.6 Wattle Grove (Round 1 Complete)
    • 3.1 Lesmurdie 
    • 3.2 Lesmurdie 
    • 4.1 Gooseberry Hill/Maida Vale 
    • 4.2 Gooseberry Hill 
    • 4.3 Gooseberry Hill/Kalamunda
    • 4.4 Kalamunda 
    • 4.5 Kalamunda/Lesmurdie 
    • 4.6 Kalamunda/Walliston
    • 5.1 Bickley/Carmel 
    • 5.2 Pickering Brook

    Verges & Street Trees

    Find more information here about how the City verge and street trees are managed in the City.

    Verge Maintenance

    The City provides a basic service of slashing of un-maintained residential verges. This is done twice a year, on a programmed basis.

    Should residents wish to maintain their verges to a higher standard, they are encouraged to do so. For residents wanting to landscape their verges, please refer to the Verge Landscaping Conditions for information on what can be done.


    Project Images

    Mowing Verges Zones Map Overview

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