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Shared Path Construction: Butcher Rd & Palmer Cr, High Wycombe

Project Status : Complete
Estimated Completion Date : approx. 31 May 2021
Location : Butcher Rd & Palmer Cr, High Wycombe

Works are scheduled to commence 6th April 2021 for the construction of a new 3 metre red asphalt shared path with new kerbing along Butcher Road and Palmer Crescent. This shared path works is the continuation of the recently completed shared path from Kandra Way and will link up to the recently constructed Maida Vale shared path which is part of improvements to the train station works.

These works are estimated to take seven (7) weeks to complete. The time-frame could vary slightly due to weather conditions and contractor availability. 

Properties located adjacent to the proposed works may experience some disruption in relation to exiting and entering the property. If this situation should occur then you are requested to contact the City’s contractor on on 0457 509 237 or 0437 917 896 in the first instance, who will then make the appropriate arrangements with you. All other project related matters should be directed to the City of Kalamunda via the details provided below. 

Traffic management will be in place during this period. The City would like to assure the community, that every effort will be made during these works to minimise impact on those who live nearby and also to the environment.


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