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EPA: Black Cockatoo Tree Hollow Inspections (Maida Vale)

Project Status : Complete
Estimated Completion Date : end of July 2022
Location : Maida Vale

The Maida Vale redevelopment and rezoning process is progressing with the planning and environmental approvals process now well underway.

As part of the environmental approval for the proposed rezoning, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has requested a Black Cockatoo hollow inspection to confirm the presence of potential Black Cockatoo breeding trees that have previously been surveyed throughout the entire area. This is a standard requirement of the EPA to ensure the protection and preservation of Black Cockatoo breeding trees on all properties.

Monument has engaged 360 Environmental to conduct the hollow inspection which will be undertaken using a drone to identify potential breeding trees with nesting hollows. The results of the hollow inspection will be publicly available through the formal advertising of the environmental and planning approval process for the redevelopment of the Maida Vale area.

What's Involved

  • Upon access approval, 360 Environmental will access your property for approximately 10 minutes per tree hollow. You do not need to be in attendance however you may wish to be available to unlock your property or manage animals etc.
  • Drone video footage will only be taken of potential nesting hollows and only for the purposes of the EPA requirements. The hollow inspection is expected to take place approx June-July 2022.
Monument would like to thank landowners for your ongoing support and cooperation throughout the rezoning and necessary approvals process.

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