Project Details

Central Mall

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : July 2022
Location : Central Mall, Kalamunda

Allocated Budget: $3,188,408
Commencement Date: 10 January 2022

This redevelopment will provide a safe and pleasant pedestrian environment with more landscaping, shade, rest stops, weather protection and footpaths for our community and visitors to enjoy.

Construction will commence early in 2022 with works planned and carried out in a way that maintains access to businesses, with the Central Mall staying open for business throughout construction.

In November 2021, the City of Kalamunda awarded BOS Civil to redevelop the Central Mall in Kalamunda.


In 2018, the City of Kalamunda undertook preliminary community and stakeholder engagement to understand the community’s 10-year vision for the Kalamunda Town Centre. Through a range of workshops, surveys and conversations, the City engaged with Kalamunda businesses and residents. Their ideas and comments were incorporated into the draft Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan, which was released for public comment in June 2019.

Following the public advertising period, the plan was finalised and endorsed by Council at the 24 March 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting and lodged with the Western Australian Planning Commission. On 30 June 2020 Council adopted the 2020/2021 Budget, which includes a $2.4 million commitment for upgrades to the Kalamunda Town Centre, commencing with the upgrade of Central Mall.

The Vision

The vision of the Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan, is for Central Mall to become the heart of Kalamunda’s night-time economy, delivering an intimate and vibrant urban experience that supports both day and night-time activities in the centre.

Central Mall will become a precinct with a food and beverage focus and act as a counterpoint to the more traditional and heritage spaces of the Kalamunda town centre.

The City engaged an experienced team of landscape architects, space planners and engineers led by PLACE Laboratory to undertake the Detailed Design and Tender Documentation for the Central Mall upgrade in the Kalamunda Town Centre.

Find the related documentation including the concepts during consultation via


Important Updates

26 Apr 2022 - We want your ideas!

Got an idea for how we can activate the mall for it's re-opening or what you would like to see take place in the mall once it's finished?

Let us know  - 

21 Apr 2022 – Celebrating local artists

The City is proud of the talent at our local schools, with the latest installation of fencing going up around Central Mall displaying their designs from one end of the mall to the other. Many visitors have been admiring the work, which is also displayed in the Kalamunda Shopping Centre and on nearby streets at floor stickers guide people into the Central Mall.

13 Apr 2022 – School holiday fun in the Central Mall

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting businesses in the Central Mall throughout construction, the City arranged for local business Fundangos to do face painting for children during the school holidays. (link to the Facebook post from 20 April)

4 Apr 2022 – Work commences at Haynes Street end of Central Mall

The next section of work is underway at the Haynes Street end of the Central Mall, with BOS Civil commencing construction activities this week. The construction process will be similar to that in the first section outside the Shopping Centre entrance, with planning completion still on track for the whole project by mid-2022.

30 Mar 2022 – First section of Central Mall shopfronts have their paving complete

The team at BOS Civil are continuing to work hard at completing the first section of paving that reaches many of the Central Mall businesses’ front doors. This work started outside OPSM and continued up towards Mead Street end of the Mall, being complete at the end of the month. This new paving brings new life to those businesses with improved access and high quality finishes.

7 Mar 2022 – Unique paving design underway

It was exciting to see how the final product will look once the brick pavers started to be laid between shops, with the colours and style giving a clear indication of the level of quality we can expect to see when the transformation is complete mid year. The new paving material choices have been carefully selected and the zig zag patterns designed to stitch together the local destinations and create one cohesive space throughout the entire mall. Following the red lines, a person may find the entry to

the garden, a bench, the next set of bins or the stairs to the park. The Zig Zag stitch transforms the central mall into unique and specific place for Kalamunda.

23 November 2021 - BOS Civil selected
The City of Kalamunda has selected BOS Civil to redevelop the Central Mall in Kalamunda. Mayor Margaret Thomas said that the project is one of the key components of the City’s Activity Centre Plan and will deliver a vibrant experience that supports both day and night-time activities.
Read full statement here

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Concept - Artist Impression of Central Mall

Artist Impression - concepts of Central Mall

Artist Impression - concepts of Central Mall

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