WA Tree Festival

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2024 WA Tree Festival

The WA Tree Festival will be held from Saturday 6 April to Sunday 5 May. 

In previous years, the festival has delivered over 100 events and engaged more than 7,000 community members. This year, up to 50 Local Governments across WA will take part, delivering a fun and educational program for families and community members of all backgrounds on the multiple and invaluable benefits of trees. 

Now in its third year, the festival comes at a critical time for urban forests. 

Harnessing the collective power of the sector, we can amplify our impact and facilitate the discussions and behaviour change necessary for everyone to be a key participant in the growth and protection of our urban forests.  

There is an exciting and diverse range of activities planned, including workshops on inspired infill, guided walks with virtual augmentation of how suburbs would look with additional trees, yoga under the trees, Aboriginal bush medicine, animal night stalks and more! 

The City of Kalamunda is excited to be a part of this amazing celebration of trees!

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6 Apr
6 May
An image of walking bush trail with a hiker carrying a backpack.
6 April 2024-6 May 2024

Self-guided walks in nature

Immerse yourself in the attractions and natural beauty of the Perth Hills

6 Apr
20 May
6 April 2024-20 May 2024

Keeping it Cool - Community Planting Day @ Forrestfield

🌿🌳 This is an opportunity for residents to register their interest in participating in a tree and vegetation planting at a local Reserve.

12 Apr
5 May
12 April 2024-5 May 2024

Nature and Time

Nature and Time is a new solo exhibition by Perth Hills artist Georgia Efford

18 Apr
18 April 2024

How to attract more birds to your garden

Unlock the secrets to creating a vibrant oasis for garden birds with Rachel Green.

22 Apr
22 May
22 April 2024-22 May 2024

Storytime & Rhymetime - Tree themed sessions

Starting week beginning Monday 22 April, the Rhymetime and Storytime sessions will have tree themed stories for WA Tree month.

29 Apr
29 May
Sunlight shining through the green leaves of young native plants being displayed for the annual Plants for Residents program
29 April 2024-29 May 2024

Plants for Residents- Orders Open Date

Plants for Residents provides free plants to residents of the City of Kalamunda to support the establishment of natural habitat in backyards and verges across the City and improve our urban canopy.

4 May
4 May 2024

Heavenly Hectares: Enhancing Land Stewardship of Small Properties

Enhance your land stewardship by improving your property in Perth’s peri-urban areas.

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