City Announces Revocation of Local Planning Policy 33

29 February 2024 1:18 PM

At the 27 February 2024 Ordinary Council Meeting, the Council resolved to revoke Local Planning Policy 33: Tree Retention.

Initially adopted in December 2022 to balance tree retention and replacement in new developments, LPP 33 aligned with the strategic direction set forth in the Kalamunda Clean and Green: Local Environment Strategy 2019 - 2029.

Mayor Margaret Thomas emphasised that the Council's decision reflects a commitment to listening to residents and crafting policies that align with their needs and values. "It’s always challenging to strike the right balance between development and the environment," she remarked. "However, LPP 33 inadvertently impacted homeowners seeking minor modifications to their properties, highlighting the need for a more nuanced approach."

The Council meeting on Tuesday night saw significant community representation and robust debate, underscoring the community's interest in getting the policy position right on environmental preservation. Ultimately, it was determined that LPP 33 no longer served its intended purpose or met the listed objectives.

This decision paves the way for the City to prepare a new policy, developed in consultation with its diverse community, aimed at enhancing tree canopy and balancing the needs of residents in a complex environment. Key initiatives will include incentivising tree retention and replacement, as well as refocusing protection guidance on significant future urban growth, commercial, and industrial proposal plans. This approach aims to support residents in managing their land in a way that enhances their lifestyle while minimising risks to life and property, in line with the City’s long-term goals outlined in the Urban Forest Strategy.

Mayor Thomas reaffirmed the Council's dedication to achieving a balanced and effective tree preservation policy. "We remain committed to conservation and we will work with our community to ensure that the next steps yield better outcomes."

The City will provide updates to the community as the process unfolds.

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