Caring for our Street Trees

16 November 2023 3:11 PM

The City's Annual Street Tree Planting Program has recently concluded. We have some useful tips on how to give these trees the best chance of surviving.

Did you know that by having a street tree planted on your verge, you're not just adding beauty to your neighborhood, but also making a positive impact on our environment?

The following tips outline the ways you can help care for your new street tree:


During the hot dry months, your tree will need extra water once or twice a week for the first three seasons of its life. This will help your tree grow into a strong and healthy street tree. 

Weed control

Avoid the growth of weeds at the base of your tree, as they use valuable water and nutrients in the ground.



Please don’t prune. The City will prune and maintain your tree each year once it is large enough. Canopy = roots = healthy tree! 


There is no need to fertilise your tree. At the time of planting your tree was given a slow-release fertiliser which will keep it going. The City will add more each year.

Mowing and maintenance

Avoid the trunk when mowing or whipper snipping. Damage to trunks will affect the health and growth of the tree.
Please don’t plant additional plants at the base as they will steal moisture and nutrients.

Damaged tree.

Need to report an issue?

Please let us know if your tree is stressed or damaged so we can respond. Report any issues by calling 9257 9999 or via email on

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