Draft Urban Forest Strategy

30 March 2023 12:00 AM

The City of Kalamunda has released the Draft Urban Forest Strategy 2023-2043 for public comment.

The City of Kalamunda has released the Draft Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) 2023-2043 for public comment.

The Council endorsed the Draft UFS 2020 on 24 November 2020 for the purpose of public consultation. Following the public consultation period, a peer review of the Draft UFS 2020 was undertaken and a revised Draft UFS 2023-2043 prepared in response to submissions received and the outcomes of the peer review.

The UFS guides the City in designing, managing, and improving the urban forest to protect and grow the urban forest canopy for the wellbeing of our residents, enterprise, and ecosystems. Described collectively as ‘urban forest’, this vital asset includes canopy cover from trees on public and private land.

Leafy cover from tree canopy benefits our entire City. From protecting our environment, purifying our air quality, providing homes for birds and animals, and playing a vital role in carbon sequestration; to our social, psychological, and recreational wellbeing, reducing the "urban heat island effect” through natural shading and cooling effects, reducing utility costs, and increasing property values; community benefits are vast and varied.

To realise these benefits to the community, economy and environment, the City aspires to achieve a target overall urban canopy cover across the City of 30% by 2043. This target aligns with international best practice targets for canopy cover. Broadly, the goals of the UFS are based on the pillars to Protect, Grow, Engage, and Investigate. This provides a holistic and strategic approach to achieving our aspirational target.

It’s now over to you to let us know what you think of the Strategy and the proposed actions.

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