Main Roads WA: Tonkin Highway Corridor - Roe Highway to Kelvin Road Update

07 October 2022 4:30 PM

Planning and development work is underway to improve safety and reduce delays along the heavily congested section of Tonkin Highway from Roe Highway to Kelvin Road. Read the latest updates released in September 2022 by Main Roads WA.

The section from Roe Highway to Kelvin Road has existing congestion and road safety concerns. Traffic volumes are predicted to increase in the future, impacting road users, freight and heavy vehicle movements.

Project scope

  • Widening Tonkin Highway from four to six lanes from south of Roe Highway to Kelvin Road
  • Grade separations (Tonkin Highway travelling over intersections at):
  • Tonkin Highway / Welshpool Road – Connections to and from Tonkin Highway north and south
  • Tonkin Highway / Hale Road – Partial connection with north-facing ramps (to and from the airport and Perth)
  • Tonkin Highway / Kelvin Road – Connections to and from Tonkin Highway north and south
  • Median and verge barriers
  • Principal Shared Path connecting to existing paths north on Tonkin Highway, including underpasses at ramps at the new intersections
  • Lighting and noise walls
  • Local urban design and landscaping opportunities.

The first activity on site is scheduled for September 2022 and will involve undergrounding the current overhead power on Hale Road through the Tonkin Highway interchange extents.

Read more in the Main Roads WA - September 2022 Project Update.

Find the latest project information, visualisation images and associated videos at
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