City reminds Community of Renovation Needs

14 September 2022 2:00 PM

Australia has long been a renovation nation, however the popularity of renovating has reached frenzied proportions with the billions of dollars saved during the pandemic now being spent on renovating homes. With one-in-three homes containing asbestos and more than one-in-three homeowners currently undertaking renovations (an increase of 37% according to; serious concerns have been raised that DI renovators and tradies might be risking their lives and the lives of their families if they fail to respect the potentially life-threatening risks posed if asbestos is not managed safely. It’s also important to remember that renovations may require a planning or building permit and to contact the City to check before commencing works.

City of Kalamunda Mayor, Cr Margaret Thomas, cautioned those thinking about diving into a renovation project to ensure they have all of the necessary approval and are aware of how to safely manage asbestos in and around the home.
“If you suspect you have asbestos in your home – there are a lot of don’ts to remember - don’t cut, drill, drop, sand, saw, scrape, scrub, dismantle, tip, waterblast or demolish it,” Mayor Thomas said. “And most importantly – don’t dump it.”
Whether you’re a wannabe home renovator or an expert, visit and take the 20 Point Safety Check and learn how to manage asbestos-containing materials in and around homes safely.

“By visiting people will be able to easily search to identify the sorts of products to look for, the locations of where they might be found and learn how to manage it and dispose of it safely,” 

As with electricity, asbestos fibres are invisible and can pose long-term and life-threatening health risks that can be related to the frequency and level of exposure - the higher the exposure, the greater the risk to health. However, even small amounts of exposure can lead to asbestos-related diseases which is why dealing unsafely with any amount of asbestos is likened to playing renovation roulette – there is no known safe level of exposure

Cherie Barber, Australia’s Renovation Queen™ and Ambassador for the National Asbestos Awareness Campaigns Australia’s foremost expert on renovating having featured on many current affairs and lifestyle programs and in international media forums over her 30-year award-winning renovating career. Having lost  her  grandfather  to  asbestos-related  disease,  Cherie  knows  personally  the devastating  impact asbestos  can  have on health and is  a  passionate advocate  for  educating  homeowners  and DIYers  on  how  to renovate homes with asbestos safely.  
“With one third of Aussie homes containing asbestos, people must respect that asbestos is a hidden danger and treat it with the same level of caution as electricity to prevent asbestos-related diseases,” Ms Barber said.

“Australians have to stop playing renovation roulette and start  to  respect the ‘invisible’ dangers of asbestos by using only qualified professionals for asbestos detection, removal and disposal just as we respect the dangers of electricity and would only use licenced electricians to do electrical work.  

“To  protect  their  health  and  the  health  of  families;  homeowners,  renovators  and  tradies  must  stop  being  complacent and learn to manage asbestos safely by visiting Australia’s most comprehensive, trusted source of asbestos information,“ The bottom line is, if you suspect your home may contain asbestos, before taking up tools engage a licenced asbestos assessor or occupational hygienist to inspect your property and if you need to remove asbestos, only use licenced asbestos removalists because it’s not worth the risk!” Ms Barber said.

Asbestos-containing  products  are  not  just  found in fibro  homes.  They  were  used  extensively  in  brick,  weatherboard, clad homes and apartments. If undisturbed, well maintained and in stable, sealed condition, these products are considered unlikely to pose health risks.

Does your home contain asbestos? Visit and take the 20 Point Safety Check. 

Learn to identify products that may contain asbestos in your home and property, where it might be found and learn how to manage it and dispose of it safely. It’s not worth the risk!

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