Study to evaluate potential parking controls around High Wycombe Train Station

14 March 2022 11:45 AM

High Wycombe Train Station is soon to be completed, and with it will be a demand for parking in the surrounding area.

The City of Kalamunda has launched a community engagement project to better understand how the area is currently being used, and how it may be used for vehicle parking in the future.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said that the study is part of the City’s efforts to plan for the opening of the new train station.

“Complementing the Transit Oriented Development Precinct Activity Centre Structure Plan which was adopted by Council in 2021, this study will help the City determine what some of the current and future parking challenges are in the area around High Wycombe Train Station, and will help us plan parking controls that make sense for visitors and the people who work and live nearby.”

“Ideally, we’d love everyone to cycle or walk to the new train station for the obvious health and environmental benefits that brings, however, we also realise that there will be a significant number of people wanting to park vehicles in and around the new station.”

“The Station has a new Multi Storey Carpark which should meet commuter demand. However we recognise that some drivers may prefer to park in adjacent streets and there are some areas around the station that may not be safe or suitable for parking. These will also be considered when looking at the issue. I encourage anyone who has a great idea for parking in the area surrounding the new station to submit a comment.”

While the train station itself will have facilities for passengers arriving at the station by bus, car, bicycle, or foot, with eight active bus bays, parking for up to 1200 vehicles and safe cycle and pedestrian routes, this study will examine the potential challenges that may arise with parking in the surrounding area.

The area of the study will include key thoroughfares Mack Place, Everett Place, sections of Dundas Road, the northern section of Sultana Road West, Imperial Street, Ibis Place as it will be extended onto Sultana Road West, and a section of Maida Vale Road.

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